Crystal Fit Home Gym Elliptical Trainer

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I would really advise you against buying this Elliptical if you have to pay thing more than $180. This is a cheap Chinese product that “Crystal Fit” has only added their logo into it. I am quite sure There will not be any support or parts for this machines.

I have never heard of the company “Crystal Fit”; and it says in their Amazon listing page that this company was manufacturing fitness equipment for the last 22 year. I found the exact machine in Alibaba, meaning this was obviously not made in the USA. The display looks identical to my another most disliked elliptical: ANCHEER

There are a lot of good ellipticals that are cheaper than this one. Have a look at our best cheap elliptical under USD 200 list.

Crystal Fit Home Gym Elliptical Trainer
Crystal Fit Home Gym Elliptical Trainer

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