FreeMotion F5.6 FreeStrider Elliptical

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Freemotion F 5.6 is a complete package of good features that an ideal elliptical must have. With a never before generous stride length of 35 inches, it is probably the only elliptical that gives you such a liberal natural striding motion in the market today. It also comes with the iFit technology and 16 integrated workout programs. The Stride ladder helps to assess the progress whiule working out. It is a low impact and high calorie burning machine suitable for light and exhaustive workouts. So this machine gives an ultimate workout experience altogether.

Build Quality

At a Glance: FreeMotion Freestrider F5.6
Capacity300 lbs
Price RangeUnder $2000
Stride Lenght35 Inch
HR MonitorContact & Wireless

Generous Stride

With the length of 35 inches the adjustable stride gives this liberty to set your stride length with maximum flexibility. We could set longer stride to target the gluts or a medium one for our quads and lastly the calves. This adjustable stride makes sure that there is a minimal force on our knees and joints.

Good resistance

The 5.6 Strider has 12 levels of resistance. The Electromagnetic Resistance System gives a constant resistance to the flywheel. The resistance levels can be easily changed or monitored by simply scrolling the buttons on the arms.

Comfortable Pedals

The trainer has gel cushioned pedals for a comfortable workout. With these cushioned pedals the motion of the feet is smoother and very secure. It also ensures that your feet do not slip while exercising.

Movable handlebars

The movable handlebars facilitates in defining the shoulders, the hands, back and the upper body. So they help to shape the total upper body.

iFit® Workout Technology

This technology adjusts the incline and our speed and of course the resistance levels according to the programs we select. These iFit workouts are specially structured by certified trainers like Jillian Michaels.


Build Quality

The FreeMotion F 5.6 weighs approximately 248 pounds and has a 300 pound user capacity. The machine is made from good quality parts. This machine is a compact model hence can accommodate in a smaller area. There are reviews on the net saying that the material used is of cheap quality and catches stains of sweat. The handles lose their finishing in a due course of time and become coarse.


This trainer comes partially assembled. We just had to assemble handle bars, the console and some plastic parts which cover the main parts. At least two people are required set up the machine and takes two hours for complete assembly. We suggest you to take due care when handling the console and wiring.

Heart Rate Monitor

The machine has sensors on the handle grip and also compatible with the wireless strap technology. The handle grip allowed us to access the heart rate easily on the display. Hold the handle grip for a few seconds and the reading is displayed.


The Grafixx Display helped us to keep a track of our daily workouts. The visual stride ladder and the Polar heart rate telemetry also guided us through the statistics and heart rate during our workouts. With a clear display, we can record the time, calories burnt, distance, pulse etc.




The 16 in-built programs with the iFit technology gave us a wide range of choice. The preset programs mechanically change the resistance of the pedals and guided us to maintain a target length of the stride. The Quick Start mode helped us to start exercising, adjust the resistance of the pedals manually and set a target stride length. The iFit cards have to be bought separately. But helps to reduce weight and tone your body in few weeks. These built-in programs are designed by professional trainers keeping in mind the user requirements.


The company offers a very liberal warranty of lifetime for frame, 7 years on parts and one year on Labor. The warranty offered by the company assures that the elliptical is strong and reliable.

The FreeMotion 5.6 is a good feature packed elliptical. It comes from a very renowned brand “ICON” thus can be trusted. Features like extra long stride, iFit technology, 1-Step™ Resistance Control, make this trainer one of the desired machines in the market. The other added features like smooth drive, quick touch buttons, accessory tray, padded pedals etc. are the added advantages. There are some concerns about the plastic parts used in the machine and about the bugs in the programs. But overall this machine is a good choice and can be a best buy for residential use.

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Jean-Frederic Monod
Jean-Frederic Monod

I’ve had this thing for a while now. No complaints but one. There is no off switch for the display. You can’t turn off the green glow without unplugging the machine, which you will do if its in your bedroom like mine is. I’ve never met an electrical device that your couldn’t switch off before.