Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Garmin Forerunner 310XT is worth every extra cent you pay for its superior features. GPS and triathlon support remains the key features of this Garmin gadget. Garmin’s software’s side support is unparalleled by industry standards. Some false advertising on this product by its brand is quite deceiving. Still it does the job for any buyer.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT is a high end heart rate monitor containing as many essential and advanced features possible. This is a better than average gadget for its price. Flexibility and functionality of the watch has ticked all boxes in calibration demands for an excellent multisport application. This gadget from Garmin has been rated the best on durability and portability. Ease of use has been perfectly optimized to make it look effortless even for a beginner. Waterproof feature and the GPS add up as nice bonuses. The compact watch rings bell of an advanced training device encompassing several features in its specification. Garmin Forerunner 310XT is a universal gadget for all ages, least on theory. Let’s analyze few key aspects of this HRM in middling price range.


Firstly the features…

The gadget is 100% waterproof until you swim at a depth of less than 50 meters. Any extreme swimming activity is hence supported with this heart rate monitor. Transitions between multiple sport activies can happen effortlessly. Log transition time menus helps track your activity from start to finish. Putting GPS tracking to use, Garmin Forerunner 310XT made it possible to precisely record speeds and monitor heart rate.  Calorie computation goes hand in hand with measuring heart rate ranges. You can train inside your comfort zone on defined range of heart rate readings. Garmin Forerunner 310XT can transfer data to your PC, courtesy of easy synchronization enabled by Garmin ANT+


Compatibility and Synchronization:

The gadget is compatible with foot pod, cadence sensor through ANT+ wireless technology. With the wireless technology in place, there is no need to hook through cables or cords. Garmin Connect helps you sync with web, pc and other tech gadgets. It is thus possible to create your workouts on PC and transfer them to forerunner.



  • GPS feature is a huge plus.
  • Compatibility and connection with other devices have been excellent.
  • Related online tools have higher ratings.
  • Setting-up process is simplest.



  • Lesser precision is expected while switching between activities.
  • It is still not the bag for a triathlete.
  • Swim accuracy could have been better.

Few more catch…

Apart from being pricey, forerunner comes with few other limitations too. It’s not really pleasant to get this watch at this price without chest strap and censors. The novel features do not come to use that often for weekend recreationist. Triathletes might not find this product totally satisfying for the lack of smoothness in transition between workouts. The device doesn’t work fine for marathons or even half marathons, if you need clear-cut calorie related data.  You cannot turn off the watch while recharging it for power.


User Experience:

The device possibly has the best design in the market. Not having a chest strap is a blessing in disguise. Portability has been real good yet durability is at its best. You can get started with the device without having to read the manual. Pairing with ANT USB stick is simpler than it sounds. The controls are clear with display being fine to the eye. The battery life lasts a steady sixteen hours almost always. GPS seem to work well in all conditions except underwater.  The zones defined are ‘run’, ‘bike’ and ‘ski’, though skiing is commonly misunderstood as swimming as a result of false advertising. Large screen and clear buttons forms the main display. Customizable options and screens are available in plenty. Display allows you to track speed, heart rate, time and covered distance in one screen with a little customization. Upload of data is quick and the wireless-connect got no issues at all.

Final verdict:

The forerunner is bit pricey but worth every cent in bill. Watch out for false advertising, especially in case of the non-existent ‘swim’ zone.

Garmin 010-00741-01 Forerunner(tm) 310xt With Heart Rate Monitor, Garmin USA

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