Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer

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Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 is a premium elliptical for any home user. It comes with 14.3-lb flywheel , Manual incline and 20 inch fixed stride. its previous version has a lot of satisfied customers, so we can only expect good thing out of this machine

Build Quality

At a Glance: Horizon Fitness EX-69-2
BrandHorizon Fitness
Capacity300 lb.
Price RangeUnder $800
Fly Wheel Weight14.3 lbs
Stride length20 inch
Dimension75 x 24 x 66 inches
HR MonitorContact & Wireless

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Horizon Fitness EX-69 was one of the bestselling elliptical machine by horizon fitness. In 2013, they have listened to everything users had to say, and made it even better. This is a solid machine with a lot of features. Even though it’s made in china, this elliptical will surely give you the best value for your buck!

EX-69-2 comes with a heavy duty 14.3 lbs flywheel (front drive). It ensures a fluid and comfortable movement.  To tell the truth, you cannot spot much difference between The EX-69 (older model) and the EX-69-2 (2013 model), except the console panel, which is different in new Ex-69-2 (see image). The main difference is in the build quality. We have done stress test on both the elliptical and found that newer version is better built and more durable.horizon-69

One of the core feature of this trainer is manual incline. Usually incline is not available to elliptical machines of this price range, so we think this is a great feature! Incline adds variety to your workout and  make it more challenging. Adjusting the manual incline is very easy, all you have to do is: press the pin to move the ramp. Stand in the side of your EX-69-2 and place you hand firmly on the top of the shroud (see picture). With your other hand carefully lift the adjustment bar upward and inward.

Horizon EX-69 comes with several accessories to keep you motivated while working out.




It has a LED 8-digit alphanumeric window. Display window shows time (as minutes: second, time remaining or time elapsed), Distance (show distance travelled or remaining to the target), Calories (total calories burned or remaining to burn), RPM (Rotations per minute), Speed, Heart rate (shows as beats per minute), current level of resistance, Track (Follows progress around a simulated track. Segments light up with every 12.5 meters completed. One lap around the track is 400 meters), Fan (Indicates when the fan is on and what level of strength it is on).



You can use pre-configured programs, or you can program manually (adjust your resistance level manually during work out).

SPEED INTERVALS: Improves your strength, speed and endurance by increasing and decreasing the resistance throughout your workout to involve your heart and other muscles. Segments repeat every 30 and 90 seconds.

ENDURANCE INTERVALS: Build up your stamina with intervals meant to increase endurance. Time based goal with 7 difficulty levels to choose from.

PEAK INTERVALS: Improves your strength, speed and endurance by increasing and decreasing the resistance throughout your workout to involve your heart and other muscles. Segments repeat every 30 and 60 seconds.

CARDIO BURN: Promotes weight loss by increasing and decreasing the resistance, while keeping you in your fat burning zone. Segments repeat every 60 seconds

MUSCLE TONER: Tones muscles by adjusting resistance gradually while keeping you in your fat burning zone. Segments change every 30 seconds. Time based goal with 10 difficulty levels to choose from.

STRENGTH BUILDER: Time segments vary from 30 to 90 seconds long to challenge your stamina and strength. Time based goal with 10 difficulty levels to choose from.

NATURE TRAIL: Simulates the ascent and descent of trail walking. Helps tone muscles and build cardiovascular fitness. Resistance changes. Time based goal with 10 difficulty levels to choose from.

Research shows that those who create and track their fitness goals, on average, achieve greater success than those who do not. EX-69 comes with GOAL CENTER Performance Tracker. GOAL CENTER is innovative new software, integrated into your console that will allow you to track your fitness goals over time, without the need for paper journals or logs.

Build Quality

Last year horizon received several customer complains about their ball bearing and belt. The problem with Horizon EX-69 was,  it was breaking apart when users used it for more than 2-3 hours per day, every day (though we recommend, if you need heavy usage, please check our collection of the best Ellipticals; a $800 elliptical will not guaranty to sustain after heavy usage). In 2013, horizon re-introduced EX-69 with the highest-grade bearings and belts.  The quality has really improved!


Assembling this trainer is easy. Till now, we have never received comment from any users, that they failed to assemble the elliptical. You can assemble the elliptical only in 1:30 – 2 hours, if you follow the instruction manual. But if you think you can assemble without following the manual, you are going to have a bad time!


This elliptical comes with a life time warranty on frame. If any thing happens to the frame they with change it, no questions asked. Last year, we have report from numerous customers that their frame was Brocken.

Mainly the problem was in joints. This year, horizon solved the problem by using better Build Quality.  They offer 1-year warranty on electronics, labor and parts. If you want, you can buy a 1-year or 2-year extended warranty.

According to our experience and calculation, if you workout 1:30 hours per day (every day) and oil this machines vital joint, you can easily use it for 5 years.

Technical Specifications

  • SixStar Certified platform, low 10-inch sure step step-on height, cool fit fitness fan
  • 14.3-pound flywheel, magnetic brake resistance, 1-20 electronic resistance range
  • 20-inch FLATellipse foot path, oversized footpad with traction edges, 300-pound user capacity
  • 10 program options, Goal Center workout tracking, contact grips, sonic speakers with MP3 input and headphone output
  • 300 pounds user capacity, Lifetime warranty for frame and brake, 1-year for parts and labor
Stride length20 inch (fixed)
Front driveYes
Cushioned footpadYes, ComfortFIT™ footpad
Resistance type1- 20
Resistance levelsMagnetic brake resistance
Adjustable pedalsNo
Upper bodyYes
Heart rate controlYes
Flywheel weight14.3-lb flywheel
Incline type5 levels of manual incline
DisplayLED, (see gallery for detail)
programs10 program options with on-the-fly changes plus Advanced GoalCenter
Cooling fansYes, COOLfit™ fitness fan
Water bottle/accessory holdersYes
Capacity300 lbs
Weight208 lb
Parts and Electronics1-year parts & in-home labor
Shipping Information
Dimensions75 x 24 x 66 inches
Weight208 lbs

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