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Horizon Fitness Elite 9 Elliptical Trainer

The Elite E9 is a truly impressive machine, due to its commercial design and durability. The ergonomic design that has gone into this machine allows for a comfortable workout, and the six star platform promotes proper body positioning. Users will effectively reach their workout goals due to the ...

Horizon Fitness Elite 7 Elliptical Trainer

The Horizon Elite E7 is an intelligent machine that is built on the focus of fluidity and natural movement. This is one of the safest and most ergonomic elliptical machines available on the market today. The E7 features ergonomic pedal spacing and moveable handlebars that allow for a safe and ...

Horizon Fitness EX-78 Elliptical Trainer

The appearance of the machine gives the feeling much wonder for the trainers. It is the most recent equipment for the trainers for work out. It is definitely startling in terms of traits and look. Without being exhausted the product will keep you invigorating throughout the workout. The latest ...