Jarv Run BT Heart Rate Monitor

  • Eliminates the need to carry a monitor with display.
  • Several apps have been improvised for the purpose.
  • The product produces more accurate readings than costly heart rate monitors.
  • It’s common to have some problem with strap sizes.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is not comfortable in general.
  • Batteries and Bluetooth signals have been reported to behave faulty.

This is the most compact and simple heart monitoring device at such low cost. It charges as low as 35 USD approximately. IOS powered apple hardware and its Bluetooth devices are compatible with this Bluetooth heart rate tracker. The iPhone application serves as the operating program for Jarv Run BT. Jarv has earned a reputation in coming up with smart Bluetooth enabled mobile fitness programs. This product goes down as the top ten best products of their brand. Modus operandi of the product requires you to wear the strap around your chest and connect it to your iPhone app through Bluetooth. This simple process makes Jarv Run BT an ‘easy-to-use’ device for all users.

Apps you many need to know before using Jarv Run BT:

Third party apps save you from the pain of using a Bluetooth dongle to connect with your iPhone. Apps transform your phone into extreme mobile training program, thanks largely to apple product’s calibration. More than fifty IOS apps have been compatible with Jarv Run BT. Mapmyrun and Runkeeper tend to assist runners big time.

Internal battery keeps it powered:

A replaceable CR battery is present within the device to keep it powered up. The battery has a lifespan of two years if maintained in proper condition. No charging is essential to support the two year lifespan. Replaceable CR2032 battery comes in the pack along with waterproof chest strap, Jarv HRM transmitter and user manual. The battery has received a lot of negative feedback from various users who tested this product.

Steps for setting it up:

  1. Ensure you have a Bluetooth 4.0 supported handheld device. IPhones which are 4S or above are compatible with the HRM ware.
  2. Properly wear your HRM for accurate readings. Check for a proper ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ alignment. Strap must be worn not too loose or not too tight.
  3. Choose the compactible smartphone app to use it as tracking program. Ensure you keep your phone within 10 meters of proximity to the sensor.

Matters of concern:

Since it’s not a costly product overall, such is the quality of its materials too. The Bluetooth signals seem to disappear as soon as the device gets faulty. CR battery has defects and been reported in many cases. Lack of essential basic functions tends to worry even the budget shoppers. Apps have limitations for themselves and they charge a lot of cash. Paid apps alone could get you more tracking tools and controls, though free apps are still available.

User Experience:

User experiences have been mostly more than decent for the budget product. With Jarv Run BT, you are guaranteed to get more than what you pay for. The 4.0 Bluetooth support has made lowest energy consumption a possibility. Android phones with latest operating systems and iPhones from 4s and higher are alone capable of working with Bluetooth 4.0. Heart rate is shown accurately expect in few odd occasions. The flimsy chest strap feels a lot lighter. Straps looks easily breakable, thought they feel good on the chest. Chest strap has been sized really well for average users. Chest strap hardly fits the rib cage for obese users. Overall, it’s a mixed experience with this superbly cost effective product from Jarv.


You get the quality for the cost you paid. The gadget works good, nevertheless do not expect the luxury of not having a few bugging features.

Jarv Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Monitor and Sensor. (soft adjustable chest strap) Use with iPhone 7 6 6S 6 Plus, iPad Mini, Air , Pro and All Other Apple IOS Devices, Jarv

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