LIVESTRONG Indoor Cycle, LS9.9IC-2

LIVESTRONG Indoor Cycle, LS9.9IC-2 delivers unique performance in body fitness.  From athletes to competitors, and from fitness conscious users to exercisers every rider is inspired by the smooth pushing-and-pulling of the pedals  with comfort. This low impact Cardio workout gear protects your joints from exhaustion of exercises. The handlebars and the seat that is fully adjustable, offers complete comfort to the exercisers.  The other attractive features of the product are the spin frame of heavy construction ,a pulse hand grip, pedal straps, and a cantilever system of brake.

Here is a list of some significant features

  • The components of this cycling bike are constructed so heavily that it can  meet the demands of every rider.
  • The frames of the cycle are heavily constructed.
  • The  Kevlar belt system and the flywheel of 40lb offer a maximum even touch.
  • The pedal straps provide safe riding.
  • Fully modifiable seat of the cycle enables the users to turn the product according to his/her need.
  • Multi adjustable handlebars and seat guarantee a relaxed position of riding.
  • Fundamental LCD, one small window, two large windows serves the purpose comfortable riding.
  • The display feature of the product demonstrate heart rate, Calorie consumption and time that elapsed.
  • The machine can bear the weight of  290lbs but it performs best under 200lbs
  • The attractive warranty period on frame, brake, parts offers maximum confidence.

Indoor cycling is a well-liked type of aerobic workout. Livestrong Indoor Cycle, LS9.9IC-2 is perfect for those who dislikes outside workout in unfavorable weather condition. This cycle is very compact to store it up in a little space. So, it is ideal for living and keeping in an apartment. The users get immense health benefits out of indoor cycling that includes weight  reduction and a well-built Cardio system. The workout with this product is also helpful for the people with the problem of arthritis or other joint pains  and problem of balance. To get the the largest benefits out of this cycling inside, make a program for exercise consisting of intermission. Participating in cycling workouts is an excellent way of burning the extra calorie getting the upbeated heart rate and also with fun. You will stay motivated with the hip- hop tune played during the workout.

The product is unique  and high quality in many respects. The engineering of the machine is also very sound to give the real riding sensation. The Powertrain of the machine is  tuned very well and is nearly silent. Though it is perfect for home gym, it can’t be said in certain if it can go on with commercial gym.  The packing list assured the inclusion of the every item, but the parts are not specified with labeling that create confusions during assembling. Additionally, the instructions are very basic to follow. The bracket for saddle or the clamp mismatches with this great product. The bracket to mount the computer doesn’t seem to fit fine around the computer. The pedal platform also looks cheap.

Cycling is an aerobic exercise for Cardio exercise.  Participating in Livestrong Indoor Cycle, LS9.9IC-2  on a usual basis might give a number of benefits for health that  reduces the risk of of cardiovascular syndrome.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention holds that to enhance adult  health,  participation in cycling workouts at least for150 minutes of reasonable force of aerobic activity weekly, or  not less than 75 minutes of dynamic power movement every week. Cycling with this machine regularly might help you also to reach or keep up a well fit body with moderate weight.  Each and every part of the products are made with meticulous care to provide maximum results to the users. Together with this machine the manual will help you to install the machine instantly.

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