Marcy ME-704 Regenerating Magnetic Elliptical

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Are you looking for a new workout challenge? Try the Marcy ME-704 Regenerating Magnetic Elliptical. Adding this machine to your home gym will enable you to access 23 different training programs and it’s available at a competitive price with a generous warranty policy.

Build Quality

At a Glance: Marcy ME-704
Price GroupUnder $400
Capacity 300 lbs
Special FeatureLCD display, self-regenerating bike, transport wheels for portability
Stride length16-inch
Dimension50L x 25W x 63.5H

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The ME-704 model from Marcy has a similar design to the NS-40501E from the same manufacturer. The most notable difference, however, is that the former comes with a significant upgrade in the form of a regenerating magnetic resistance system. This makes it the most efficient elliptical on the market because it doesn’t require an external power source, and yet it’s available at a very attractive price.


  • Strong, heavyweight frame gives this machine a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Low profile design makes it ideal for small spaces
  • Oversized pedals keep feet firmly but comfortably placed on the machine while performing various movements
  • Grip pulse sensors are designed to keep track of the user’s heart rate throughout
  • LCD console allows you to view pulse, calories burnt, distance, RPM speed and elapsed time
  • Comes with 24 levels of magnetic resistance for fast weight loss and cardio endurance
  • The upper body handles are designed to shift focus from arms to legs effortlessly

Build Quality

This is a slim machine with a low profile design. Nevertheless, it’s supported by a heavy-duty frame with large strapped pedals and cushioned handlebars for comfort and safety. The LCD monitor is not only large enough to show you several stats at once but it allows you to track your progress so you can double down on what works for you and eliminate redundancies. There are also dedicated transport wheels that you can use to move the elliptical machine around.


Putting this elliptical machine together is fairly easy because it comes partially installed already. The resistance and drive parts come attached so that all that’s left is to assemble the rear and front bars as well as the moving arms, pedals, and console. According to reviews, it takes about an hour to get this done because all the tools you need are included.

This machine is low maintenance because you don’t need to do anything to keep the internal components working. But you will have to get rid of dust and lubricate the joints every now and then, while making sure to keep the console liquid and moisture free at all times.


There are 23 pre-loaded programs inside this elliptical and you don’t have to be connected to any online network in order to access them.

Through the P1 program, you can alter and regulate the amount of resistance you experience with each workout. This is a manual program which is different from the automatic P2 –P13 preset programs which come with all sorts of different workouts, like Intervals, Fartlek, Mountain, Plateau, Ramp, Fat Burn, Valley, Rolling, Hill, Steps and more.

Then you have P14-P17 programs which give you the freedom to customize your workouts to the max. Next, you have P18-P22 HR programs which offer different levels of resistance including 55%, 65%, 75%, 85% etc. you can even incorporate an HR chest strap so the machine can keep you in the HR interval that you prefer.

The 23rd program is known as the Watt Control program and enables the user to experience quicker pedaling, while the resistance level will increase or decrease depending on how slowly or quickly you pedal.

Resistance and Drive

Part of what makes the Marcy ME-704 so popular and effective is the fact that it has a built-in regenerating magnetic resistance system. This means that it doesn’t require an external power source in order to operate because it has its own tiny generator that it uses to create electricity instead. All you have to do is to keep pedaling to get the machine started. You can adjust the level of resistance from the level of the console according to the workout program that you’re using.


This machine is backed by a two-year limited warranty which is activated from the time you buy the machine.


The Marcy ME-704 Elliptical Trainer is an ideal addition to the home gym. It comes pre-loaded with 23 workout programs and 24 levels to choose from in the console. It’s a heavy duty unit for sure and works great for muscle toning, strength training, weight loss, stamina, recovery training and light to mid-range intensity exercises. Plus, it’s available at a very attractive price point.

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