MIO Alpha

MIO Alpha is another heart rate monitor gadget which doesn’t need a chest strap to function. The digital light at the bottom of the watch displays heart rate when it comes in contact with skin. Bluetooth connectivity is used to connect with your handheld devices. It’s suited for smartphones, mainly iPhones, with variety of apps for assistance.

What’s special?

It’s one among the best strapless and continuous heart rate monitor. MIO Alpha edges more than par with industry standards. Data review and audible alerts are the exclusive features offered by this gadget. MIO global claims the product’s concept is an innovation adapted from medical technology.  Light beams coupled with an electro-optical cell sense volume of blood under skin layer. Improvised algorithms are in place to detect heart rhythm from pulse signals. These calculations can happen even in case of extreme activate. The tracker would suit runners, athletes and cyclists. Accuracy is optimized with advanced calibration to work in any performance speeds.

More specifications:

The gadget is around 4 inches in any dimension. It’s a lightweight wrist wear weighing around 8 ounces only. Bluetooth 4.0 technology helps seamless connectivity with your smartphones. Silicon soft trap feels good on the skin and helps make this product more adorable. Heart zones are marked through tricolor led.

Modus Operandi of the gadget:

MIO Alpha, USB charger, Quick Start Guide and Warranty cards are contained in the box. Remove MIO Alpha watch from box and peel off protective layer. Press and hold + button to activate watch. You would be prompted to set time on display. These steps help activate the watch. It’s easier and faster than it looks from the length of instructions you see here.

Compatibility with other devices:

MIO Alpha can be linked with iPhone 4S or higher to analyze speed, GPS information and distance covered. Bluetooth 4.0 helps connectivity, characterized by smart and high speed transfer. There are several iOS apps available to help review the data feeds from Alpha. Mapmyrun and Mapmyride work the best, though they require a minimal charge. Since the gadget has the ability to review a variety of data and make inferences, it is essential to put your smartphone to use. Android phones that can’t support BLE for Bluetooth 4.0, won’t be compatible.

User experience:

The watch feels comfortable on the wrists. It looks a normal wrist wear which has GPS enabled. Nice fit is guaranteed through the conventional strap with holes design. It fits any sort of fashion statement you wish to make and does well for day to day use. The gadget locates heart rate almost instantly. Hairy forearms or excessive sweating doesn’t seem to deter the precision in readings. Android users would not find many apps to help connect to watch. The accuracy factor tends to slack, when compared with industry competitors like Polar. Battery stands for a pretty long time, even while doing continuous monitoring. 20 hours of guaranteed battery life is in your bag in case of continuous use. Water resistance works in higher depths, though the upper limit for depth specified by the brand is only 30 meters. Missing out on ANT+ features accounts to few limitations. The gadget only has one custom zone, thus making it vital to define the sole zone perfectly.

Final verdict:

Surely, the gadget is going to worth its price for some time now. With some excellent features for taking, MIO alpha is one of the hottest fitness gadgets for now. Improvised data review is what makes MIO alpha stand out from the rest. Flex wireless wristbands makes excellent combination with this watch. The bottom line reads this product is the trendiest item in its kind.

  • Installation of a novice million dollar technology.
  • Relief from chest straps.
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Continuous HRM tracking.
  • Functions and buttons are not user friendly.
  • Non-compatibility with low end phones.
  • Extreme activities involving excessive sweating accounts for unreliable reading.
  • Absence of backlight makes it unusable in the dark.

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch, Physi-cal Enterprises

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