Palm Springs Elliptical Trainer

We strongly discourage our readers to avoid all chain driven elliptical trainers. But we also cannot deny how cheap these Ellipticals are. We were using the Palm Springs 2 in 1 Cross Trainer for last 6 weeks, and it’s pretty good. Especially for the price point it’s aimed at – currently available at $129.99.

As for features, it includes a fully adjustable seat, quite handy because you can either sit or stand whilst using it. Personally, I prefer not to sit whilst on the trainer but I know friends who prefer to sit so as ever, it comes down to personal preference.

It also features an on-board computer with the usual time, speed, distance and calories burnt, plus it also has the ability to measure this whilst going forward or backwards – quite a cool feature in of itself.

The Build Quality

Build quality is actually very good for the price this trainer is aimed at. Assembly takes about 45 minutes and the manual that comes with the Palm Springs trainer is pretty good, a breath of fresh air if you’ve suffered the poor English manuals that often come with electrical equipment.

For last 6 weeks we have extensively used this trainer [every third day as a buffer between WOD workouts (I’m a huge Crossfit fanatic)] and it’s in almost the exact same condition as we bought it in.Yes, it wobbles a bit, but nothing that we cannot fix by tightening some bolts.

The only negative here, are a set of washers that are fitted to the trainer when it’s being assembled. These are pretty tough to place and we would have preferred a slightly clearer picture to see exactly where to put them. Not a game ender, just one of those annoying things.

Then again, the manual itself is better than other cheap ellipticals so we can forgive Palm Springs for one thing!

Everyday Use

The Palm Springs trainer is pretty good in operation. It doesn’t make too much noise whilst moving along whilst the weight keeps it firmly planted on the floor. Needless to say the strong feet and weight of the Palm Springs trainer don’t allow for this!

The calories burnt, as many of you who are experienced with exercise machines have experienced, is more of a number to keep your morals up than anything, it’s not accurate at all. However, the milometer is perfectly accurate and to be honest, it’s the most important dial the computer offers up.

The seat is quite comfortable for daily use, I find no issues with using the trainer for 45 – 60 minutes at a time. The handles are made of a vulcanised rubber which feels similar to those of a mountain bike. Again, no real problems here, they’re comfortable and easy to grip.

Any Drawbacks?

No real showstoppers here, although we suggest spraying a little lubrication on the wheel every few weeks, otherwise it becomes a little loud.

The only other real niggles occurred in the first few days, mostly caused by silly mistakes we have made during assembly. After a week, the Palm Springs elliptical trainer has proven to be a real sturdy workhorse, providing a nice mid-week change in workouts.

Overall, we are quite happy with my purchase. The Palm Springs is a strong, safe and durable trainer and while it doesn’t quite have the “polish” of more expensive models, (And some are extremely high) for the price we don’t think any manufacturer can genuinely match the quality of construction and features this trainer has.

So there you have it. If you need a reasonably priced elliptical trainer that for the most part easy to assemble and simple to use, we’d pick this one every day of the week.

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