Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

It’s another heart rate monitoring product from Polar in the mold of a wrist watch. The FT4 device is one among the cheapest options with Polar products or heart rate monitors in general.  It would be unfair to categorize the product into one kind with long list of similar devices. Let’s look at the features to address it better:

What’s unique?

Clever categorization of activity levels with defining and checking with custom zones. You get alerts when you get out of the zone you have defined. Display is adorably the best with befitting zone map of heart rate readings. Straps and the frame look best for its design and contain some chic. Trendy and stylish look of this watch is a huge bonus to add to your fashion kit.

Items contained in the box:

FT4 heart rate monitor is the main constituent in the mini kit. It comes with straps all fixed and done, which bring some relief from snipping the band. H1 heart sensor is provided with the box. It’s one among the few compatible devices for this tracker. ‘FT4 getting started guide’ comes as a mandatory addition for the product. With a few tracking tips, it more than a mere user manual.

Compatibility stays limited:

Compatibility with other devices and technology is not extra ordinary with FT4 heart rate monitor. Lack of compatibility with Flowlink, makes it a feeble presence even within Polar. The product is for people who don’t mind the least amount of access, but prefer simple training and workouts. Lacking few of the best Polar’s programs is another huge drawback.

A look into the programs:

The program is quite simpler with FT4 compared to other heart rate watches. Still, it remains the most cost effective option. Amazon listings sell this product for a mere 60 USD, whereas a basic watch would cost close to its price. Polar’s own ‘Smart Coaching’ training is adapted for its FT4 device. ‘Smart Calories’ menu helps you track the number of calories you have burnt in the day. However, there is no way to track fat burning stats.

Comparison with other Polar products:

Comparing with FT7 and FT60, FT4 have the least number of training files. Its 10 training files are no match to the ton training files provided with other Polaris products. Own Zone and Energy pointer functions are missing from the program files in case of FT4. Water resistance and watch mold is present in this tracker too. The compatibility with Flowlink is another feature which would be missed.



  • The monitor is one among the cheapest.
  • Simplicity is assured with its fitness training programs.
  • Zone wise tracking alerts are preferable by all.


  • Compatibility with other devices and programs is limited.
  • Precision of calorie readings are not reliable during continuous usage.
  • It’s incapable of uploading results to apps automatically.

Ease of access:

Ease of access cannot be questioned in case of FT4. The programs are highly simplistic with crystal clear display. The zone type tracking’s sorts out most of the complications. The display is readable even while you are busy in activities. Some difficulties still exists considering you need to wear the chest strap to get the readings. The instructions in ‘Getting started’ guide is definitely lacking in some aspects.

User experience:

The watch is reliably accurate for most part of the day. It is stylish enough to fit the trend and it goes well as fashion apparel easily. Calorie tracking functions provided by the heart rate monitor is the best feature of the tracker. The chest strap is comfortable for anyone, no matter how many pounds they weigh. Thought the watch looks like a woman’s kind in first look, its strap fits anyone with giving some room to spare.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Watch, Blue/Lilac, Polar Electro, Inc.

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