Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


  • Lightweight band provides for its portability.
  • Textile transmitted makes it a comfortable travel companion.
  • Its elegant design allows you to use it as primary watch.
  • Fit and comfort is assured with the long strap provided.
  • The men’s version lacks a lot of functionalities.
  • A bit of false advertising is witnessed in regards to lack of menus.
  • Heart monitor in strap is oversized.
  • Wristband in men’s version is not comfortable as FT7 women version.

Polar FT7 is a universal product that fits any fitness aspiring user. Polar’s devices have a good accuracy in readings. That’s one reason they are so expensive. The FT7 comes in different versions including a women and men-only installation. The FT7-M for men has been considered to lack even some of the basic features.

The FT7 heart rate monitor comes with full watch functions, not limited to Polar WearLink+ transmitter. FT7-M is designed as a men-only version. It doesn’t make much sense how FT-7 M is optimized for men though. Apart from limited features, there are not many differences between FT7-M and FT7. Lack of features makes FT7-M less pricey compared to the latter. Unlike low end versions, fat burning progress can be measured with this gadget.

FT7 got enough flair and comes with four different colours. It’s your bag even if you want to include it for swimming activities. FT7-M is a good alternative for ladies too, if you are looking for cheaper option. However women’s version lacks in functionalities and variety in colours. The women’s version would be your automatic choice if you are not hurt on budget and prefer comfort over price. FT7 has better fit and comfort than FT7-M


Insight on specifications and functionalities:

Water resistance cover 30 meters of depth under water. Time of the day can be displayed along with alarm and snooze functions. Dual time zone is an available additional option for travellers.  Button lock and low battery alarm have been added to make it more user-friendly. Backlight helps see readings in the dark. Multilingual support encompasses English, French German, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Display shows number of calories burned for the day. The gadget comes with fabric transmitter coupled with coded HR transmission to eliminate cross talk. H1 heart rate censor and a user manual are attached in the box along with FT7 trainer.

How it fares amongst competitor products:

Polar has made a reputation of being pricey yet superior in quality. Garmin Forerunner has been the close second to this top gadget. FT7 women’s gadget has met with mostly positive reviews. It’s more of a simplified gadget that reviews calorie count more effectively. Garmin Forerunner would be beaten by accuracy produced by FT7 through calorie counter, pace checker and heart rate monitor.

User Experience:

Heart rate readings have been accurate, expect when used in swim mode. Calorie counter seems to be accurate in every case. When tested across several sports and activities, calorie reading seems reasonable. Graphical representation has been applied to display heart rate, which looks quite pleasant on the eye. Looking at manual wasn’t necessary at all, for setting up the HRM watch. Weekly summaries are emailed after reviewing your weekly activity data. Storage files are large enough to contain all information in regards to training, heart rate and calorie count. Heart touch menu have been an attractive addition to the Polar HT7 series. Fit and comfort has been above par in comparison to the brand and market standards.

Bottom Line:

FT7 is your ticket to maintain your desired fitness level. The guides provided and easy-to-use functions help you increase fitness levels slowly by steadily.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Watch, Blue/Lilac, Polar Electro, Inc.

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