Polar Loop Activity Tracker

This is a coolest version of invent of handy technological assistance in tracking day to day physical activities. You won’t mind wearing it for its size of a watch. On top of it, the device is affordable for everyone. The tracker has covered every possible dimension with its ability to measure activity during swimming sessions, thanks largely to the waterproof feature of the small tracker. Heart rate monitoring is going to be absent during swimming sessions though.  The compatibility of the device is going to bring a few limitations. The wristband tracker is only compatible to polar H6 and Bluetooth powered smart heart rate sensors.

This is a handy wristband to track your physical activities for the day. Sure-fire smart guidance is assured with this sleek device. With the technological aid provided within, this activity tracker is in season. Fashion wise, the wristband got all chic without compromising on performance. It is your easy route to motivate yourself in achieving physical goals on day to day basis. The instant feedback helps a great deal in checking progress. The product enjoys a healthy reputation from the make or company itself. The best part comes in the form of 24-7 operability. The ability to help with tracking even while you are sleeping takes the device’s rankings to levels higher.

High level motion analysis technology of the device helps track your every move. The smartphone app and desktop support helps measuring how well you do with expected performance. Activity goals for any day can easily fit your to-do list. The device can digitally display the time of the day, thereby sending your watch to the least used shelf in your cupboard. The accelerometer in tracker helps monitor wrist movements and hap hazardous frequencies of day to day activities. Getting effective personalized guidance from the tracker is a real prospect. It provides with the best way to learn how your health habits help your wellbeing.

Before getting over board with the good stuff, let’s talk of possible worries.  The first trouble starts as soon as you unbox the Polar loop activity tracker. The tracker comes with a lengthy wristband for you to snip after you take your wrist measurements. It becomes irreversible with no fix, if you have cut it too short. In such worst case, you should rely on the company to replace your piece. Next trouble continues in the form of its tricky metal clasp. It’s never an easy experience with fitting your band into the metal clasp. For a relief, the software part is simple to set up. It takes no sweat to install the app and get an online account registered with polar. It would be tough to figure why Polar made wristband and metal clasp tasks this hard with no real necessity for that.

Tracking activity has been efficient like never before. Your activities falls under five different intensity classes with high, medium, low, along with sitting and resting. The red led display prompts you to increase intensity on idle days. Another coolest notification comes when you have been idle for too long. Your activity is not considered ample if it’s not spread throughout the day. On simple terms it means, if you sit idle for bulk of a day you would still be prompted to be more active. This is the reason why it’s called a loop activity tracker. Do not forget to activate sleep function to ensure precision of tracker on longer run.

  • The tracker can serve as your watch as well.
  • The tracking happen 24-7 throughout the day.
  • Provides easy method for measuring progress.
  • Have little troubles in store with snipping the wristband.
  • Compatibility is limited to H6 or H7 chest straps only.
  • Heart monitors don’t work when you are swimming.

Polar Loop Activity Tracker, Polar Electro, Inc.

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Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker, Black, Polar Electro, Inc.

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