Polar RS300x Heart Rate Monitor

  • Storing training data is a cakewalk.
  • Easy to use heart rate monitor like never before.
  • Improvised specifically for athletes.
  • ‘Polar’ can be trusted for its brand.
  • ‘Getting started guide’ from the packing wasn’t helpful.
  • Display can be harsh on the eyes.
  • Unnecessary complications exist around the menus.
  • The mould compels you to have the display on top of your wrist only.

An excellent sports watch to help with portability for a recreationist. This can’t be the go-to tool for a pro-athlete, but the gadget isn’t for a passive person either. The tool fits somewhere between a pro athlete and a weekend recreationist preferences. Heart rate monitoring and speed calculations are the prime functions offered by this compact tracker.

Polar has been a reputed fitness equipment company for last three decades. Their handy heart rate monitors never fell short on performance. With RS300x they have worked out a device for budding as well as pro athletes. It comes in mould similar to a wrist watch. Heart rate monitoring and timing features are focussed this time. Speedometer is contained within this simple device. Calorie data for the day comes as useful output. It is possible to create custom intensity levels to help your training.  Recreational athletes are prospective consumers, since most features are focussed around them. Measuring aerobic fitness during test is a real possibility with RS300x. Though it helps recreationist, the product is not strictly a sportsman wear.

Polar Flowlink makes the device compatible with mac, pc and web. Like other wrist wear heart rate monitors, this could replace a watch. If you have been novice to Polar products, you ought to know Polar precisely measure heart rate during activity period. This is one feature which makes Polar brand stand apart from the rest. RS300x also have an upgraded GPS version for GPS tracking, but it comes at doubled the original price. More customization comes in the form of supplementary accessories for jogging, outdoor activities and many more. Compatibility with GPS, foot pod and Flowlink makes the variety of customization possible. However, the compatible devices could be brought only from Polar, which stands as a roadblock to extreme recreationist.

Some frequent complaints include loss of signal, incorrect readings and lack of ease during activity. Bluetooth signals seem to be losing strength more often than not. The display can’t be seen clearly during workouts. Precision of heart rate tend to get bad, if you don’t switch over intensity modes correctly. The compact shape of this wrist wear results in difficulties of monitoring during activity. Though this is not an entire flop model, being harsh on the eye is not quite a desired quality. H1 heart sensor is contained in the box. Training computer is properly packed with all the necessary accessories to free you of setting up troubles.

The device serves the best for weekend and casual athletes. For pro and extreme athletes some features can be lacking. There is no function for time splits or laps. It requires you to manually do the math to calculate the total time of your workouts. Though it has a few negatives, the positives of this product easily overshadow undesired limitations. Any average user would find this product a good beginner heart rate monitoring watch at the least. This decent starter isn’t the bag, if you look out for accurate stats on every workout as a pro-athlete.

Smart coaching program that comes with the box is a useful addition. The ‘fitness test’ feature measures development progress of your fitness. It can be your go-to tool in measuring the success of recent fitness program you have subscribed to. The ‘Training load’ feature helps demonstrate how trainings effect changes in your body and metabolism. ‘Own Zone’ features help define your customized intensity levels. ‘Smart Calories’ features make it possible to know how many calories are burned on day to day basis.

Bottom-line: One of the best beginner level tools which could suit a regular runner too.

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