Precor 240i Stretch Trainer

Precor 240i offers 8 diverse muscle elongating workout sconcealing every part of the dissimilar physiques units. appears with placards for guidance and exhibiting the suitable procedure for elongating your muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, lower back and upper back muscles, shoulders, thighs/groin, and numerous muscle groups.

The extremely significant exercise of elongating muscles frequently becomes discounted when doing your workout at home. Whereas mostly profitable gyms deliver certain category of elongating assistance and support, most individuals who workout at home are restricted to plain and simple base muscle elongation. By the Precor 240i Commercial Series Stretch Trainer, you can achieve further beyond innovative muscle elongating workouts in your home or gym without asking assistance to anyone.

Full Review

  • 8 Fundamental Muscle Extension/Stretches Provided
  • Visible and Accurate Placards with knowledge on 8 Fundamental Muscle Extension/Stretches
  • Relaxing Softened Seat and Kneepad Given
  • Designed Envisioned to deliver coziness and accurate broadening station
  • Lightweight alongside a tiny footmark for easy transfer
  • Adapts handlers of any heights
  • Consists of Amplified handlebars that lets you regulate the amount of strength and interval of every stretch
  • Better-quality safety and regulator specified by the wrist bands
  • Worth-value mechanisms and high-class structure support ages of uncomplicated usage
  • Double-motion powder-garnishingproceduredelivers rust conflict
  • Pivot points practicenoiseless, slimy bushings
  • 250 pounds greatest handler mass
  • Measurements: 52x28x36 inches; 60 pounds

Muscle widening or simply stretching is a excessive method to prepare or relax your muscles from an exercise, giving you the sense of uneasiness, relaxed and eludelugged muscles. Even for handlers who do not workout with bodybuilding, stretching gives and provides support for aching and injured legs, inflexible and unbending backs, and further usual muscle pains. This Stretch Trainer can support you upsurge your muscle elasticity and retain your muscles relaxed and movable. Preparing and calming muscles during workouts decreases the possibility of damaging your muscles joints, as well as discharging everyday pains and discomforts. The only negative feedback the trainer has/have is that it is too pricey for some people that they could have the same benefits from the trainer to other brands or machines with lesser amount to purchase.And also, the minimum weight the trainer only provides. If you’re bigger over 250 pounds, you cannot experience or use the 240i and have the constant and easy-to-get benefits it can provide to the handler.

  • Authorizes for innovative muscle expanses and does not need any spotter or gym instructor to guide you
  • Delivers 8 stretches from the posterior thigh musclesup to the shoulders
  • Elongatingmuscles helps youdecreasediscomfort and aching before and after exercises
  • Lessersize footmarksmakes it stress-free to apt in home or gym
  • The Highesthandler weight is limited to only 250 pounds
  • May be expensive and not affordable to some who has a budget to meet

This Stretch Trainer is a boundless confidante to whichever home or gym workout or bodybuilding gear. Precor 240i can assist growth in muscle elasticity, avoid heaved muscles, and offer aid for distress, discomfort and pains anyplace on the body. Through its tiny footprint, beneficial and useful guide, and unaided quality and structures, the 240i is a great technique to relax.

Technical Specifications

  • Commercial quality stretching trainer with small foot print for easy storage at home
  • Cushioned seat and knee pads help users sit comfortably, ergonomic design ensures the correct stretching position
  • Wrist straps provide an improved security and control
  • 5 Year warranty on frame, 2 years on parts, 90 days on upholstery
Cushioned footpadYes
DisplayNA, Provides 8 essential stretches: lower back; hamstrings; gluteal/hips; hips/legs/back; inner thighs/groin; upper back; shoulders; quadricepsInstructional placard with information on 8 essential stretches
Water bottle/accessory holdersYes
Capacity250 pounds
Weight60 pounds
Frame5 years
Parts and Electronicsparts–2 years; upholstery–90 days
Shipping Information
Dimensions52 by 28 by 36 inches (L x W x H)
Weight80 pounds

Precor 240i Commercial Series StretchTrainer, Precor

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