• Tracking options are available in plenty to provide multiple solutions
  • Data transfer is best, courtesy of Movescount app.
  • Splits and time laps are enabled to assist clear-cut measurements.
  • Vibrating or audible alarm is missing in case you reached custom heart rate zone.
  • More often than not, precision never exceeds mere guesswork.
  • Not suitable for continuous heart rate monitoring.

Convenience is never compromised in regards with timing, distance and calorie tracking. You can make the best out of every workout when you are able to track progress with Quest. Intensity of your activities can be measured correctly. The product is not a killer, but it does the job for price and advertising claims. SUUNTO and Polar have been the market leaders recently and their products have been most reliable.

By the looks of it, SUUNTO Quest is an old fashioned heart rate monitoring instrument, though it’s not entirely true. It looks more like a stop watch with more advanced options. Simplicity of the instrument reflects the given description. The effectiveness of the defined specification and features has been good. Let’s look at various aspects before considering the HRM watch for purchase.

Product’s specifications and features:

Stopwatch function with timers and laps is a useful addition in Quest. Date by date analysis and review can be crosschecked with web account. Data can be crosschecked with variety of compatible devices. Pace distance and cadence reading can be measured with SUUNTO Quest. Movestick mini helps data transfer to your home computer. Waterproof feature is never questionable within depth of 30 meters.

Customer support provided by SUUNTO:

SUUNTO has excellent customer support in place through their website. Tutorials, FAQ and manuals are provided in the product page. The brand offers two years warranty for core product. Customer representatives work ‘day in, day out’ from more than a dozen countries around the world to provide you with best support. Dealer locations are gettable from product page. Settings are customisable both in heart rate monitor and synched external devices too. Scheduling on time has been made easy in case of recreationist, thanks largely to SUUNTO Quest heart rate tracker.


User Experience and ratings:

Online exercise account that combines with Quest is seen as a huge bonus by athletes. Movescount helps create custom workout plans, which is unique to Quest. Superior functionality and transfer capability for data ranks Quest one among the best. Night viewing is made easy through strong backlights in use. The lack of necessity for recharging your 1 year potential batteries, delivers relief.

More on design…

Default screen has battery levels, time and day display. Quest comes in four different colours. 1.7 x 1.7 inch display and sleek strap forms the coolest Quest watch. Design supports battery replacements, while the batteries long one year and more. Chest strap relays heart rate readings to the watch like the way it processes in typical chest strap powered heart rate monitors. GPS pods and foot pods are available upgrades.

Recording and monitoring functions:

Movescount is responsible for software side functions to assist recording workout data. Movescount set-up is real simple and after registration you can have access to every information thorough internet. The watch is capable of storing up to thousand laps in one instance. Through web account you would be able to loop back into training archives. Training summary is played after end of each workout, in order to get a real-time feedback to denote the intensity.  SUUNTO USB movestick helps connect with PC without any wireless or Bluetooth technology. Being ANT compatible you can wirelessly transfer data from the watch as well.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Monitor Running GPS Unit, Sapphire, Suunto Watches

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