Hybrid Elliptical Machines

Having a hard time deciding whether you want an elliptical or a stationary bike? Now you don’t have to choose! Hybrids, also known as cross trainer elliptical bikes are the perfect solution for those that love to stride their way to a great physique and pedal away the calories. Hybrid elliptical machines are a cross between a stationary bike and an elliptical. These machines have a seat like you would find on a stationary bicycle and in front of that seat are pedals and a console with handles close by like an elliptical. Both halves of the machine share the pedals and often have a front drive mechanism. Although located at the front of the machine (for most models), the flywheel is located closer to the user. This gives the machine great balance whether it is being operated as a stationary cycle or elliptical.

Hybrid trainers are excellent because they are the ultimate 2 in 1 cardiovascular machine. A cross trainer elliptical makes it easy to add a lot of variety to an exercise plan. As an added bonus, many models have an adjustable seat so the trainer can be used as a recumbent bike as well. Combining these two very popular exercise machines allow users to enjoy the benefits of a full body workout that is easy on the joints but effective at burning calories and gaining muscle. Along with delivering great results, hybrid models focus on comfort. Everything from the cushioned seat to the often oversized pedals and range of stride lengths combine to deliver a better workout.

All in all, hybrid trainers are impressive machines with very few cons. That being said, the only real drawback is size. Since this type of elliptical is two machines in one, it is expected that it requires more floor space but the exercise variety offered as well as the surprisingly affordable price tags are worth the bulk.

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