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Hello, I am Eric Davis. I have been working as an exercise equipment (mostly elliptical Trainer division) consultant for last 15 years. I have worked with almost all of the popular brands out there. From just a glance I can say which one will last forever and which one will break in a month. I always suggest my clients to try on any elliptical trainer before they buy it. Because it’s your personal experience that matters, do not listen to the spec the sales guy is try to say.

With Rafi’s help, I have decided to make this site, where interested buyers can come and read real reviews or compare trainers. None of us are professional writers, so forgive us for our poor writing quality (I blame Rafi for this :P). If you have any questions or suggestion about elliptical trainers or this site, please pop me an email on [email protected]


Greetings, I am Rafi. I don’t have a lot of experience with elliptical trainer like Eric, but I am good with the technical part. I am responsible for collecting all the specs and making the review based on Eric’s comments. If you are looking for an Elliptical trainer, that’s not in our sites, I am the guy who says “opps, my bad”.If you want us to make review of any elliptical trainer we are missing please mail me on [email protected]

Suggest Me an Elliptical Trainer!

Every days, we receive emails, asking for our suggestion on the best elliptical trainer. Please understand what is best for us, may not be best for you. We need some specific info to make a proper suggestion. Please mail us on: [email protected] along with these :

  1. Your Budget
  2. Do you have ever used an elliptical trainer? If yes, what as the model and why are you looking for a new one?
  3. Your height
  4. Your weight
  5. Where will you put that trainer? (if you can please give us approximate dimension info of that space)
  6. Are you  good with assembly?

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