Best Elliptical Trainers under $1000

Elliptical machines are available in the price range from $100 to over $1000. You can purchase elliptical machines with different features and quality in this price range. With over 30 brands of elliptical machines available, it can prove to be a daunting task to find one that meets your expectations.

Based on your fitness goals, you can choose an elliptical machine which is compact and can be stored easily in your home. Besides, you can consider the size and design, the type of elliptical trainer, flexibility, tracking tools and programmed workout modes available with the model that you are considering. Here is a brief review of top 10 elliptical trainers under $1000 which have been compiled after carrying out an in-depth research of the models available in the market.

NordicTrack E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer

This model is one of the best quality elliptical trainers available at a reasonable price. This model is backed by a lifetime warranty for the frame. This model packs just the most appropriate features including 20 levels of automatically adjusted resistance, 20”stride and the ability to incline automatically by 20 degrees. The 20 pre-programmed workouts are the most impressive features of this elliptical model. If you want an endless library of workout options, then you must equip your device with iFit®. These stunning features make this model really hard to beat at this price range.

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ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical trainer permits high-intensity interval training without compromising your safety. You are at no risk of damaging your knees and other joints while using this device. This next generation machine features an improved design with a more elliptical footpath. Moreover, this machine permits the user to challenge their lower body by pairing with upper body resistance from the handlebars.

The HIIT handlebars amplify calorie burn by incorporating boxing-like motions. You can target the muscle groups in your arms, your core body, and shoulders specifically by gripping these handlebars. This trainer is more of a hybrid which can be used for traditional aerobic workouts as well as for stepper training. Numerous apps have been integrated into the console along with iFit®. As a bonus, you receive lifetime coverage over the steel frame from the manufacturer.

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Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 470 is a relatively cheap elliptical cross trainer despite possessing premium features. The stride length of this device is 20 inches; the console is capable of storing four user profiles, and the power incline helps in sculpting lean muscles. The Bluetooth feature helps the user in monitoring heart rate as well as for exporting the data. The workout options comprise of both paid and free programs.

The Schwinn 470 console features 29 workout programs. The most exciting feature is the RunSocial workout which permits the user to workout in virtual reality. You can use the mobile app of RunSocial which is available on both iOS and Android for watching your avatar move in trails captured in an HD video. Moreover, you can coordinate with your friends and embark on virtual trips with this device. Overall, this elliptical machine combines excellent ergonomics with reasonable pricing.

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ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical Trainer

This trainer has been designed with commercial grade steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. It offers tons of impressive features. It comes with oversized pedals with an adjustable stride of up to 20 inches. The users taller than 6” can use this trainer with much ease. This machine has features which help in customizing the intensity of your workout.

With just the touch of a button, you can alter features such as 18 levels of magnetic and electrical resistance. You can also include the elliptical by about 20 degrees. 18 pre-programmed workout options are offered with this machine. Endless possibilities are offered with the iFit® feature integrated with this elliptical machine.

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Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid

If you are looking for a sturdy elliptical machine which can offer you a smooth and stable elliptical motion even during intense workouts, then you must opt for the Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer. The compact design of this machine permits the users to store the equipment anywhere in their house. Stability is rendered into the design by the patented Body Solid center drive design. The 21” drive is ideal for most of the users.

Desired workout intensity can be chosen easily by changing the 17 resistance settings. The programmed workouts offered to keep you motivated throughout your workout session. Accurate readings are provided by the heart rate monitoring unit present on the handlebars. A water bottle holder has been incorporated into the design for helping you remain hydrated.

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NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical

This is one of the best top elliptical models available under $800. The model offers great performance to the users along with tablet computer holder, iFit technology, 26 workout programs and iPod speakers. Overall, this device is ideal for novices and intermediate trainees. This model comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and the parts are covered under warranty for a period of 2 years.

The users can choose workouts from either built-in programs or through iFit membership. The preloaded workouts have been designed by a certified trainer, and each program controls the incline and resistance of the machine. The progress can be tracked from the 5” display.

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AFG Sports 5.9AE Elliptical

This is another great elliptical training machine which helps you tone your body. This trainer offers 20 different incline settings and 20 magnetic resistance levels to make sure you are offered challenging workouts. A quiet and smooth workout is ensured by a heavy-duty flywheel and a precision drive system.

This machine has been designed to offer maximum comfort and is based on biometric research. 43 workout programs are offered by this elliptical trainer including distance, interval, calories and weight loss programs. The settings can be changed electronically by accessing the console which also helps you track your progress. You can monitor your heart rate with the wireless heart rate chest strap offered for free with this device.

The 20-inch stride is comfortable to use regardless of your size. It offers a firm footing. The handlebars are cushioned. The foot pedals are oversized for offering maximum comfort during the strenuous workout session. You can listen to your favorite music with the built-in speakers which are Bluetooth enabled. The machine comes with a USB charging port and is backed by a lifetime warranty on the machine frame. Also, 3-years warranty is offered on the frame.

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Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus holds the reputation of being one of the best fitness equipment manufacturers. When you purchase Nautilus equipment, you can be assured that you are getting premium features for your money. Nautilus E616 is no exception. This device is sturdy and strong. It is backed by 10-year warranty. It possesses excellent features such as motorized incline and 25 levels of resistance. The DualTrack console is loaded with 29 programs. The pre-loaded 12 workout profiles offer you the feeling as though you are training with a personal trainer. These workouts promise you some serious calorie burning session.

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NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Trainers

The SE7i is a great elliptical trainer which is compact and boasts of one of the smallest storage footprints when compared to any other elliptical trainer offering similar features. The entire unit can be assembled within 15 minutes, unlike other devices which require an hour or two. This trainer is loaded with innovative features, natural stride ergonomics, an impressive workout program and a power adjustable incline which helps in targeting specific muscle groups. You can also train with the iFit Coach while using this elliptical trainer. SE7i offers 22 levels of resistance. The rear drive motor work, oversized cushioned pedals and 18-lb inertia-enhanced wheel delivers smooth performance.

This device features an 18” stride which is ideal for people of average height or shorter. This trainer delivers an excellent ergonomic experience for people with shorter legs. With the lifetime frame warranty, impressive list of features and the reasonable pricing, you would certainly be making a smart investment if this device meets your requirements.

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Kettler UNIX M Elliptical Trainer

This trainer delivers an extremely smooth performance owing to its enormous 40-pound flywheel drive system. You can track energy consumption, RPM, heart rate, distance and time through the high-resolution LCD display. The trainer can provide accurate pulse rate reading which is measured with an infrared earlobe clip sensor or through the telemetric hand grips. Kettler UNIX M elliptical trainer has been designed and manufactured in Germany. It assures reliability as well as quality.

This trainer is an excellent choice for those looking for excellent performance, challenging workouts and intuitive operation. Lifetime warranty is offered over the frame and three-year warranty over other parts.

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The best place to buy elliptical trainers

Whenever you plan to purchase something, the first question that comes to your mind is where to purchase from. It can be hard to decide with a plethora of options available both online and offline. Many sports stores offer numerous options from different brands. You can also try the higher end retailers.

Considering online purchase can prove to be beneficial as you can grab some best deals on these machines. No tax, free shipping, discounts and special sales can lead to potential additional savings. Amazon is an ideal place where you save money as well as check all the available models in the price range along with their specifications mentioned clearly. This will help you in making the right choice while trying to purchase a perfect elliptical machine for your home.

Amazon helps you compare all the models offered by not just one but many reputed manufactures. You can also read the user reviews which can help you be aware of the common issues faced by the users if any. The best part is that the product will be delivered to your doorstep and you would not be charged any additional delivery charges which a retailer would normally do.

Weight loss with an elliptical

An elliptical trainer is the most misused piece of gym equipment. You can easily burn about 270-400 calories within thirty minutes using this device. The amount of calories burnt is dependent on the speed stride, resistance level as well as the ramp height. An elliptical trainer is a powerhouse when compared with other cardio equipment. This is because it permits you to use a large muscle mass. This machine builds muscle endurance and strength in calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The more your muscles work, the more calories you burn.

Here is how you can force your body to burn the stored fat.

Increase the speed

An elliptical trainer is great for your joints because of its low-impact nature. However, if you want to see results, then you must pick up the pace. You can increase the rate of calories burnt by increasing your pace. Aim for 4.5/5MPH. This will give your metabolism a boost and will activate burning of the fat deposits in your body.

Bring in variety

You should never do the same workout every day on your trainer. You can do mountain hike on one day, a stair-climbing workout the other day. Challenge your body if you want to melt the excess fat.

Try intervals

Steady state, low-intensity exercises burn a few calories. High-intensity interval training [HIIT] burns a lot of calories thereby helping you get rid of the excess flab. Mix low-intensity exercise intervals with full-intensity training.

Commercial elliptical vs. Home elliptical

If you are fitness freak, then you must be aware of personal exercise machines. Commercial elliptical trainers are not the same as home trainers. They are a lot sturdier in comparison to home trainers. This is because they have been designed for repeated use and to accommodate the needs of different body types. Commercial equipment is loaded with many features. Home trainers on the other end are perfect and affordable. They are designed to fit in the various budget. Commercial grade elliptical trainers have been designed for long-term use. These are durable when compared to other machines.

Home trainers come with fundamental functions that you need. These are designed to be compact in nature and are designed with particular features. You can purchase a home elliptical trainer which meets your requirements. You need to look into the stride length based on your personality and the features that you wish to train with. Both commercial and elliptical trainers serve their purpose. The only thing is that if you are planning to purchase a home elliptical trainer, you must look into the features that you desire as the options will be limited based on the model along with the budget.

Buying Guide of Elliptical Trainers under $1,000

There are certain parameters that you must consider while purchasing an elliptical trainer. Here is a description of the features that you must look into and the reasons associated.


This is something which adds intensity to your workouts. This makes your machine a cross-trainer. Some machines permit automatic adjustments whereas some demand manual adjustments to be made by the user. When you adjust your incline, you can focus on muscle groups and also add variety to your workout.

Built to last

Whenever you are purchasing an elliptical trainer for your home, you must look into the quality of design and sturdiness of the machine. This will ensure that you have made a long-term investment with your purchase. Look into models that come with lifetime frame warranty.

Track performance

Tracking features are essential if you are genuinely interested in maintaining a daily fitness schedule. You can check whether a device comprises of a full-fledged tracking system so that you can track the number of calories burnt in addition to your heart rate. You can look for Bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity options if you desire to download the data.

Heavy flywheel

The drive system connected to an elliptical trainer is referred to as a flywheel. It moves when you apply pressure on pedals. This also controls resistance levels. This ensures how smooth your trainer will maneuver and also determines how loud your device is going to operate. The heavier the flywheel, the silent your device is going to operate. This also determines the lifespan of your trainer.

Adjustable Stride

Good trainers can be adjusted both electronically and mechanically. Opt for a system which allows for resistance changes in a simple manner. This ensures that interval training sessions can be incorporated into your training effortlessly.