Top 10 Elliptical Under 2000 USD

An elliptical is an excellent tool for a full-body workout. You can strengthen your muscles and improve your balance and coordination with this fantastic machine. But only if you choose the right machine considering your budget. With so many options in the market, it is hard to choose the best elliptical under 2000 dollars. No worries. This article will aid you in this regard.
Top 10 Elliptical Under 2000 USD

SCHWINN 470 is the overall best elliptical machine under $2000. This elliptical has a wide range of connectivity, a top-notch display, and a 20” stride length. The combination of solid built quality and affordability makes it the perfect choice.

However, there are lots of other elliptical machines within $2000 that serve superbly. Each has its own set of qualities that might attract you and come in handy for you. In this article, I have made a list of the top 5 elliptical machines under 2000 dollars in 2021. Hence, you can choose the best one for you according to your budget and needs.

  • Premium Machine
  • Silent machines
  • Comfortable stride
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Expensive
Model Name  Weight (kg)Dimensions (Inches)Resistance LevelLinks
SCHWINN 470 Elliptical Machine  85.82 kg55L x 22W x 34.5H inches25Check Price on Amazon
SCHWINN 411 Compact Elliptical Machine  46 kg70.1L x 28.1W x 63.1H inches16Check Price on Amazon
Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine  96.16kg66L x 34W x 23H inches16Check Price on Amazon
Nautilus E618 Elliptical    95.25kg73L x 27W x 67H inches25Check Price on Amazon
Bowflex M8 Max Trainer    67.13kg46.25L x 28.5 W x 22H inches20Check Price on Amazon

Top 5 Best Elliptical Under $2000

All the ellipticals on the list deliver consistent and reliable performance. Each model in the list has some exclusive features that make them unique. Moreover, they have a track record of success against their competition.

Choosing the best option for you depends on your personal preferences and necessities. So, rather than relying on my opinion, be your own judge. Now, without any further delay, let’s begin-

Capacity300 lbs
Stride length20″
Fly-Wheel +
Resistance25 (magnetic)
DisplayDual Track Blue Backlit LCD (2)
HR Monitor Contact & Telemetry Enabled

SCHWINN 470 is an excellent choice for people looking for something to work out smoothly. It is my favorite machine for home workouts. If you are looking for something smooth and long-lasting, this is the model for you.

In terms of programming, the console supports four user profiles and can keep 29 pre-set workout programs. Twelve different workout profiles, nine heart rate management choices, four custom user-made profiles, two endurance tests, one recovery test, and a fast start—all of which are designed to help you get in shape.

It’s also compatible with the RunSocial app for virtual outdoor exercise and other benefits. So, in terms of connectivity also this model won’t let you down. It has a 20” stride length, which offers Precision Foot Motion Technology. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can efficiently work out by adjusting the seamless resistance levels. This model offers the best qualities possible in its price range.


Unique Design: The design of the elliptical is sturdy and smooth. The machine is beautifully designed with perfectly placed pedals, handlebars, display, media shelf, cooling fans, and bottle holders.

Magnetic Resistance: The machine has a wide range of resistance levels. The resistance level is controlled with ECB that is used in most high-quality ellipticals.

Motorized Incline: The SCHWINN 470 features a six-position incline system. The incline system adjusts from 0 to 10 degrees, making the exercise both enjoyable and challenging. You can easily allow and change the incline function, thanks to the 10amp electric motor.

Compatible with many apps: It is compatible with a wide range of apps, including the MyFitnessPal, the free RunSocial app, Apple Health, GoogleFit, and so on. The Bluetooth connection allows passing all metrics.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid construction and smooth operation
  • Great for home gym equipment
  • 25 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 29 workout programs
  • 20-inch stride length
  • USB port for charging
  • Incline function
  • Can record up to four user profiles
  • Syncs with seven apps
  • Maximum comfort level


  • No chest strap
  • Makes clunking noise
  • Short labor service warranty

Capacity300 lbs
Stride length18″
Fly-Wheel +
Resistance16 (magnetic resistance)
Display5.5 inch High Contrast LCD
HR MonitorContact

This is one of the most popular models of elliptical machines. There are tons of different qualities that make it famous: a solid base, long stride, a large monitor, pulse reading sensor, and magnetic resistance, and whatnot. However, it lacks a few features that other high-end ellipticals have to keep it affordable.

So, what makes it so popular? The main reason why this elliptical trainer is so trendy is its space-saving lightweight design. Though it is not the most affordable one for your home gym, it is actually worth your money.

The 18” stride length, padded handlebars ensures a comfortable workout. Bluetooth connectivity with different apps will ensure you meet your fitness goals every day.

The SCHWINN 411 is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for something compact, stable, and quiet affordable. It doesn’t have any fancy options, but it will surely give you a decent workout. If you are a beginner elliptical trainee, then this might be the one for you.


Space-saving Design: The elliptical has a space-saving design. The solid steel body has a compact frame so that it can easily be placed in a limited space in your home or gym. 

Nice functioning console: It has an advanced monitor that includes wireless heart rate capability as well as Bluetooth. You can easily select the resistance levels via the large LCD screen.

Highly stable: Though it is an affordable model, it still has solid built quality. The machine has adjustable foot stabilizers. It helps to adjust your feet on the uneven floor to prevent shaking or vibrating.

Moving and fixed handlebars: This elliptical has two sets of handlebars- moving and fixed. The moving handlebars are great for a full-body workout. But if you are a beginner, fixed handlebars are crucial for maintaining your balance.


  • Compact machine
  • Solid build quality
  • Extra-large pedals with rubberized inserts
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent warranty


  • No integrated speakers
  • Low stride length
  • No incline

Sole Fitness E25

See Best Price on Amazon

Capacity325 lbs
Stride length20″
Fly-Wheel +
Resistance16 (magnetic resistance)
Display6.25 inch Blue Backlit LCD
HR MonitorContact

The Sole E25 elliptical is the perfect combination of low cost with moderate force and high efficiency. This model is one of the most affordable elliptical machines of the brand. Moreover, it encourages joint-friendly movement for the whole body thanks to shifting handlebars and comfortable pedals.

Many ellipticals have forward and backward motion, but this model takes a step further with a fully adjustable power incline feature that allows you to lift the ramp to target all of your lower muscle groups. Besides, a double set of moving and stationary handlebars targets your muscles of the upper body.

And the best of the model is its power incline feature, and this feature helps to target the muscles of your lower body parts. Thus, it engages almost all the muscles of your body. This model offers a smooth motion of the workout, ensuring you get a fantastic training experience. 

You can get a lot of features in the machine that many high-end elliptical offers. And as a cherry on top, this model comes from a well-reputed brand. If you are looking for something reliable and from a brand you can clearly trust and go for the Sole E25.


Power incline: This feature distinguishes SOLE from other models in the market. It provides an entirely different exercise that targets lower-body areas that don’t usually get involved while doing elliptical exercises.

Unique foot pedals: The model has 2 degree inward ergonomic pedals. The pedals are oversized and comfortable, thus, helps to reduce pressure in knees and ankles.

Integrated tablet holder: This feature allows you to easily use your smart devices while working out in the elliptical. You can watch a show, listen to music or follow your workout routines with the help of your tablet while doing exercise.

Whisper quiet drive system: Sole E25 allows you to maintain a fluid motion to make your workout smooth and sound. The drive system functions in both forward and backward movement.


  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Well-reputed brand
  • Clear display
  • Adjustable foot pedals
  • Great customer support


  • Non-adjustable stride length
  • Not appropriate for advanced users
  • User profile cannot be stored

Nautilus E618 Elliptical

See Best Price on Amazon

Capacity350 lbs
Stride length22″
Fly-Wheel +
Resistance25 electromagnetic
DisplayAdjustable SightLine LCD
HR MonitorContact

The Nautilus E618 is the best elliptical in its series. Tons of features help the E618 outperform many competitors in terms of smooth operation, helpful training guidance, and targeted body sculpting for people of all abilities.

The model is well-built and robust. With its sturdy construction, it can even outperform many commercial elliptical machines. So, no doubt, it is one of the best choices for your budget.

The industry-leading 22-inch stride allows you to push the speed of your workout. You can improve your stamina and endurance with the 25 levels of resistance. It helps you to challenge yourself and do better day by day.

Though the 22” stride length can be a little problematic for short people, it is an excellent opportunity for trainees with long legs. If you have long legs, this model will give you the most comfortable workout experience.


Heavy flywheel: This model has a 30pounds flywheel. It is excellent for low-impact striding and smooth workouts.

Multi-grip handlebars: The multi-position handlebars feature allows you to get various upper body exercises. You can choose the handle position you are most comfortable with and work out smoothly.

Long stride length: The model offers the most extended stride length of 22 inches. So, it is best for people with long legs as they can exercise comfortably.

Twenty-nine workout programs: This model has a wide range of workout programs. You can choose the most suitable workout option from the range and exercise according to your preferences.


  • Can pre-set 29 workout programs
  • Sturdy and long-lasting construction
  • Cushioned and flexible pedals
  • Towel rack and water bottle holder
  • Wireless chest strap
  • 30 lb flywheel
  • Good quality cooling fan


  • Too long stride length
  • No Bluetooth speakers
  • High maintenance

Bowflex Max Trainer M8

See Best Price on Amazon

Capacity300 lbs
Stride length+
Fly-Wheel +
Resistance20 (magnetic)
DisplayDual-Mode Backlit LCD/LED
HR MonitorContact

The Bowflex Max Trainer M8 is a lightweight machine that provides the ultimate full-body, low-impact workout. It is technically a hybrid of a stair stepper and an elliptical. So, 2-in-1, huh?

The burn rate monitor is quick and easy to read on the enhanced dual-mode LCD/LED displays. The multi-grip handles make it convenient and simple to keep going when working out. You can also control your heart rate through the integrated, usable touch grips on the heart rate monitor.

Not only that, this model comes with an app that will serve as your coach. Though this is a paid app, you can use it for free for two months. This app will help you to reach your fitness goals each day.

The M8 is suitable for a wide variety of fitness enthusiasts. It can adapt to your goals and skills, and The Max Intelligence Platform will also improve your fitness experience. The artificial intelligence technology remembers each workout and motivates you to work harder. Thus, if you are looking for an effective and efficient machine for all fitness levels, this is it for you.


Bowflex JRNY app: This is a fitness app of Bowflex. The app is like your personal coach. It automatically adjusts your resistance level and time to ensure you make progress.

Enhanced dual-mode LCD/LED screen: You can see all the statistics, including the burn rate, from your display. The display is large and clear. So, you can watch your increased activity all the time and challenge yourself to do better.

Max results in less time: It doesn’t matter if you have less time to work out or not. This model will constantly adjust settings so that the shortest time workout will also matter.

Compact design: You can easily place this machine at your home gym. It won’t take much space. But don’t let the small size fool you. It is nearly as powerful as any higher-end elliptical of immense dimensions.


  • Gym-quality machine
  • Compact yet sturdy
  • Large media rack
  • Less workout time
  • Burn rate console


  • Higher price compared to previous models
  • No cooling fan
  • Short term warranty

My Top Pick

Choosing a single model as a top choice is not an easy task. After considering the budget and performance, I’ve found the SCHWINN 470 Elliptical the best overall. My most favorite feature of this model is the motorized incline. With this feature, you can challenge yourself and make the work out more fun.

However, this is not the best elliptical in the market. But for under $2000, it has some features that makes it premium. It comes with a unique design that makes it more comfortable to use. As it is compatible with many apps, you can make the most of your workout for sure. The magnetic resistance levels, a wide variety of workout programs will keep you on track.

As I have already mentioned in the article, the model has some drawbacks too. But they are actually very minor compared to their tons of advantages. This model doesn’t compromise with its performance and is from a well-reputed brand too.

This model has a good number of reviews and ratings too. The high stability, solidly built body, and firm performance make it the best choice for you. Yet, some models can beat it in terms of durability, but they are not affordable like it. So, it is the best value for your money.


I have included the best elliptical under 2000 dollars in this article. They are all well worth your money. All of the ellipticals in the list will help you exercise smoothly without any inconveniences. So, you will be satisfied with each of them, no doubt. The only thing you have to do is choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way to the end. Hopefully, you’ve found the best elliptical for you within your budget in this article. All the best!

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