Elliptical Troubleshooting Guide

Symptom Possible Cause Solution
Console has no power. DC adapter is not plugged
into wall outlet?
Plug DC adapter into wall outlet.
DC adapter is not plugged into the Elliptical? Plug DC adapter into the Elliptical’s power socket
Console cable is not connected? Verify that the console cable is connected properly
The console is faulty? Call service
Speed shows 0
Computer isn’t receiving a
signal from the sensor?
Check that the sensor magnet is correctly
fitted and passes in front of the sensor.
Check that the gap between the sensor
and the magnet is 3mm or less.
Check that all the computer plugs and sockets
are correctly and firmly connected.
The sensor is faulty? If all above checks are O.K., then replace sensor
The computer is faulty? Call service.
No HR signal
incorrect HR signal
Computer is receiving a faint or
intermittent pulse signal.
Check that the pulse plugs firmly
inserted into the sockets.
Check to make sure that the batteries in
the chest strap are installed correctly.
Replace the chest strap batteries.
Check to see if the receiver is properly installed.
Check to see if the chest strap is being properly worn by the user – if skin is extremely dry, then moisten contact points on chest with water and try again.
If the problem still exists then call
Noise from motor Symptoms include an unusually loud noise coming from the motor,
which means the gears are
not meshing correctly.
Try reversing the resistance and try again.
If this fails, then replace the motor.

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