Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

So, you have finally decided to purchase an elliptical after a long time of comparing different pieces of workout equipment. You have narrowed down your choices, but have a few questions. We have taken the time to answer some, listed below and answered to the best of our abilities. We have combined our knowledge as well as the knowledge from other elliptical users to answer these important questions.

 Front Drive or Rear Drive – Which One is Better For Me?

This question is one of the ones we hear the most frequently and it makes a big difference. Rear drive ellipticals typically have a smoother feel to them because the drive axle is located in the back of the machine. This also delivers a smoother feel on the pedals. While it is great, it is also a little more expensive. Most people find that even though the front drive ellipticals have a little rougher feel to them, the price is affordable. It basically depends on the preference of the buyer and the budget.

What Happens if There is a Malfunction on the Display?

In most cases, the batteries need to be replaced. Low batteries cause the display to flicker. If it flickers even when new batteries are put in, try unplugging the machine, then plugging it in again after a few minutes. If it still does not work, then the display may be damaged in some way.

Why Doesn’t the Heart Rate Monitor Work?

Sadly, most ellipticals come with poor heart rate monitors that are inaccurate and don’t last for a very long time. They are just added in for the purpose of luring more people into buying the machine. They are not meant to provide intensely accurate heart readings or to last very long. If it operates in an off-and-on pattern, the problem may be with the grip on the handlebars. Keep your hands on the handlebars and do not grip them too tightly.

Is Stride Length that Important?

Stride length is important, actually. It determines how your workout will feel. For example, longer strides will make you feel like you are leaping, which is a preferable setting for taller people. Shorter strides will make you feel like you are climbing stairs. Stride length determines how your workout will feel, so choose the setting that fits best to your needs.

Can I Use a Surge Protector? Should I?

Most people will not believe that they need to, but they should. All plug-in models should use a surge protector. However, self-generating models do not apply and do not need to use a surge protector.

Is the Machine With the Heavier Flywheel a Good Option?

The weight of the flywheel directly influences the smoothness of your workout. The heavier flywheels tend to produce a higher inertia, making your workout smoother.

Is Regular Maintenance Necessary?

Yes, it is. For all fitness machines, maintenance is necessary to help it function properly. The maintenance rules should be listed in the manual of the machine and should be followed accordingly. Even though most ellipticals do not need constant maintenance, it is important to keep it well-kept. When in doubt, read through the manual and you may find your answer there.

Help! My Console Display Won’t Light Up!

There is no need to panic. For most plug-in models, simply unplug the machine and wait 60 seconds or more, then plug it back it. This method will most likely reset the display and restore it to its original condition. Also, checking the batteries won’t hurt. If the problem still persists, check out the machine and make sure nothing is caught or damaged. If something happens to be damaged, consult your owner’s manual for more details and call a specialist to come out and look at it.

How Can I Change the Resistance?

Reference the owner’s manual to see how you can adjust the cable that is connected to the tension control. You should be able to change the resistance to fit your needs.

What is an Elliptical Crosstrainer and What Does it Do?

Ellipticals that included upper body handlebars were named crosstrainers, since they worked out the upper body as well as the lower body. Using the handlebars will exercise the shoulders, chest, arms, and back and strengthen those muscles. The majority of elliptical machines now have handlebars.

The Pedal Arms Won’t Move Anymore. What Do I Do?

Just check to see if all the working parts of the machine are well-oiled. In some cases, the bearings and cranks may need to be replaced. Consult your owner’s manual for more details.

My Elliptical Squeaks Every Time I Use It. What’s Up?

There is probably an assembly issue, so be sure to check the machine and see if all the screws are tightened according. If there are a few screws look, you can attempt to tighten them, but do not over tighten them, as that will cause wear and tear on the machine the next time you use it. If the squeaking continues, consult your owner’s manual for lubrication instructions or call a professional if the problem becomes unbearable.

What’s the Best Kind of Resistance System?

The most advanced kind of silent drive that is publically available is the eddy-current resistance system. The system is powered by magnets and is positioned near the flywheel within the machine. The resistance can be changed by moving the magnet away and towards the spinning flywheel. This kind of system is found on the more expensive, high-end elliptical models.

With this kind of information, you are now ready to start using your new elliptical to its full capacity. As long as you keep it maintained and in good shape, it should last you a long time and eventually pay for itself.

If there are any other problems that occur with your elliptical, always check the owner’s manual first to see if your problem has a simple solution. If the problem persists and there seems to be no solution that you can come up with, call a specialist to come out and take a look at your machine.