Knee Pain? No Way!

Find Out How Your Elliptical may Cause Knee Pain

Many users of the elliptical often claim that their knees are sore and weak after a workout. They also complain about discomfort in the feet in the workout process. This kind of pain is very common when using an elliptical and if you find yourself feeling that kind of pain as well, there are a few ways to fix it.

You Might Be Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Overall, you might be pushing yourself too hard when working out and that could be causing a lot of the pain you feel. Many people think that they can do 60 minutes on their elliptical twice a week and think they are getting a good workout. This is actually what causes that joint pain and can make your workout less enjoyable. For some people 60 minutes is doable, but it actually hurts the body, not helps it.

Instead of 60 minutes twice a week, try splitting it up and do only 30 minutes over four days. This will help lessen the chance of getting injured and it is definitely easier on your joints. The people who end up working out more than 30 minutes a day start to feel that pain. It would be a smart move to split things up so you are not taking on everything at once.

One of the most noticeable sensations to watch out for is a clicking feeling. If that occurs in your knees, tone it down on your workouts. The clicking sensation occurs when you put too much stress on your knees and it acts a huge red flag, telling you to slow down and workout less.

Your Machine Might Be At Fault

If you are sure you are not pushing yourself too hard in workouts, it might be your machine actually causing the joint and knee pain. Many machines are built cheaply with poor parts, which contributes to the increase of knee pain. Often, older machines that are starting to run down can cause you some kind of pain and it would be best to either hire someone to repair it or completely replace it for a newer one.

Also, some companies end up building their machines so that the pedals are spaced too far apart to get a good workout. Keeping the pedals far apart can seriously damage your knees and cause pain during your workout.

Aside from pedal separation, the degree at which the pedal is set can have some impact. When working on your elliptical, your heels should not lift away from the pedal. In a good workout, you aim to have full support from your pedals, not to balance on the balls of your feet. If angled correctly, the pedals will mold to your feet and help you in your workout, not go against you.

But if you get a good quality machine, the chances of having poor pedal angle and a large separation between pedals is unlikely.

It Might Be Your Body Alignment

Whether you want to admit it or not, your knee pain might be coming from the way you align your body while on your elliptical. People like it deny it, but most of their pain be self-induced and can be fixed by straightening up.

When working out on your elliptical, try to avoid hanging over the front console. This enforces bad posture and impacts your entire body, not just your knees. Hanging over the console has a lasting impact if you do it long enough and make it a habit.

Instead of hanging over the console, align your body properly and straighten up. Be sure to keep any part of your body from slumping and this will give you the best results.

Also, you might find yourself getting knee pain if you like to pedal using the balls of your feet. This is something to avoid doing, as it hurts your knees and other parts of your legs. Pedaling on just the balls of your feet will put a lot of unwanted stress on your knees.

Overall, these are the three main causes of knee and joint pain on an elliptical. If you feel yourself having a lot of lasting knee pain, put some of these solutions into effect because they might resolve your problems.

As long as you keep your machine in good shape and do not hang over the front console while working out, you probably will not have too much pain. If you still have knee pain, look into getting a better machine.


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