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Initially making its mark with its range of weight machines, Body Solid is now a brand that has ventured into the elliptical arena. The new additions to the company’s portfolio are already getting rave reviews.

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Product Highlights

As of now, there are a few models for you to choose from when it comes to Body Solid ellipticals. The Endurance series boast three models, all of them center-drive, and are named the E300, E400, and the E5000. They also have another center-drive model, the Best Fitness BFE1. The collection is complete with the Best Fitness Cross Trainer, BFCT1, and this is the single rear-drive model in the Body Solid family.

Additionally, they have three more models- the Endurance E4, the Endurance E5HRC, and the Endurance E7HRC, which are all front-drive and less pricey options than the ones already discussed. You should always go for the E300 over the E7HRC as they are in the same price range, and overall we have a preference for the E300, E400, and E5000 family as they feel more solid and dependable machines.

As you may understand, both the Best Fitness and the Endurance line serve the same purpose of cross trainers, so if you’re looking into Body Solid, be sure to check out both the series.

The Good

Body Solid has a signature shape for their machines, which may strike as unusual to many. What is important is that their machines take up about 50% of floor space compared to similar products by other players in the market. Frames are made from carbon steel, and the main body fully houses, and protects, the front flywheel, console, and handlebars, which are all fully encased. The machines are sturdy, handy and do not take up your whole room space, and make for a pleasant workout experience.
The brand offers a warranty deal that is impossible to match with the given price range. The warranty encompasses lifetime coverage on all parts, with a year on labor, on its ellipticals. This is a fantastic deal on ellipticals in the range of $1,000 – $2,000.

The Bad

Body Solid products don’t get the spotlight like many other brands out there on the market and are not quite spectacular. Body Solid ellipticals are distributed through their certified dealers and are found on as well. This means that it could be difficult for you to find a Body Solid elliptical just by the brand name itself.
Moreover, It is normal to expect a bit more in terms of features in the mid-ranged products, as they provide a very basic experience. That being said, the machines do have excellent build quality which tends to compensate a little for this.

Final Thoughts

Rugged and compact- Body Solid ellipticals are standard machines that get the job done and could be a great addition for you. Their warranty deals are impressive, to say the least, and are a testament to the Body Solid construction.

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