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With an easy and usual pace, the Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid offers original expertise that guarantees the form of the Elliptical bio mechanically accurate. This suggests the same movement of the machine as the body works. It provides a true feeling of running. The product will help you to remain in a balanced straight position for a steady and safe feel.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Best Fitness E1
Brand Body Solid
Capacity 275 lb.
Price Range Under $1000
Resistance 17 Levels
Display Blue backlit LCD
Stride Lenght 21-inch stride length
Dimension 48” x 30” x 66 “
Programs 12
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

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  • Close spacing of pedal
  • Assembly is easy
  • Center Drive


  • 15 years warranty on frame, where other reputed Brands provide lifetime warranty
  • Makes Noise if stepped in the front half of padel

The balanced steel frame reduces swings  and at the same time  maintains  a compacted footprint. It  makes the machine  ideal for your home particularly for non spacious premises. Its sturdy components, supports the users up to 275 pounds. Hip fatigue is eliminated for the proper spacing of the pedal. The product  also presents  an easy  step-up stature to let you to initiate your workouts securely. Its moving arms take on your higher part of the body. These features make the trainer totally acceptable to the exercisers.

To trail your exercises metrics, the product  offers heart rate handles for monitoring. In addition, the console recommends feedback of distance, time,speed, distance, and calories to help  you to track the outcome of your exercises. The result will help you to go to the subsequent level, and assist achieve your fitness goals.

The Benefits

  • The portable and compact moveable Elliptical trainer provides  an original midpoint drive devise and low center of magnitude. It provides the users best exercise options.
  • The steel frame construction of the Elliptical has made it durable
  • The machine measured  48” 30” 66 “(L x W x H) and it is convenient for the users of any height.
  • The arms that can be moved, is suitable for  for a double feats. Both the parts of the body get activated by the this machine at the same time.
  • The close spacing of pedal removes hip exhaustion.
  • The heart rate grips of the Elliptical lets you observe the intensity of your workout
  • The warranty period of this trainer is very attractive for the users. The frame gets 15 years  warranty, whereas  motor warranty is for 10 years.
  • The Elliptical trainer capacitates  to carry 275-pound.

The Limitations

Overall the Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid is very good for the exercisers. It’s not so large as a customized unit for gym but it is very concrete. After  using the machine for some days , checking of the tools is necessary to tighten the screws and bolts that get loosened to some extent.
The two small gripes of the machine may sometimes show awkwardness. Trying to get them that move under the frame  at the time of using the elliptical is awkward. It had been better if they would have been  placed  on the footstep under the exhibit.

The Overview

In case of most other forms of exercisers there are less improvement of postures. But, with the Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid the posture improvement is very easily done. Almost all the health observation studies show that the posture is one of the influential factors in calculating  health of the exercisers.  Best Fitness E1 is a well-developed exerciser that, turns out to be fun by substituting and spreading muscular exertion exercises with extra spending of time in  exercising.  Reduction of Calories and toning are very much effective with this elliptical that can be treated more as a learning of exercises through entertainment than an austere exerciser. Unlike running, using of this trainer in an empty stomach decreases the issues of acid reflux. Running worsens the esophagus that  causes the fluctuations of stomach acids. Overall the product is very comfortable with all its features. You will love the product as it offers the best fitness as it has come up with all that is needed to reach an optimum level of suitability.


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