Kettler Axos Cross P Programmable Elliptical Trainer

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8Expert Score
Kettler Axos Cross P is an outstanding quality piece of trainer for fitness. Every wellness enthusiast prefers this trainer for their home workout. The harmonious flywheel with multiple levels of resistance, the stride length and heart-rate controlling monitors produce outstanding results in the workout.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Kettler Axos Cross P
Brand Kettler
Capacity 330 lb.
Price Range Under $2500
Flywheel 30.5 lbs
Resistance 15
Dimension 64L x 23W x 62H Inch
Programs 12
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

It is suitable for nearly everyone of normal height. It’s wide-ranging programs offers an opportunity to fully inspiring workout for both inexperienced and experts who aim at arriving new challenging options. The adjustable foot pedal and leg levelers ensure firmness on the slightly rough floor.

This Trainer is the latest addition to the range of the Kettle elliptical Trainers. Like all the kettle trainers, this species is also built and designed keeping an eye on better support for workout regimen. In addition to its remarkable stylish design, this elliptical trainer features LCD computer display laden with preset programs that offer  automatic adjustment of the resistance level based on striking profile selection. The heart rate controlling device of the machine regulates the level of resistance according to the pulse rate evaluation. The massive flywheel and the system of drive creates a lot of inertia to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion. It results in incredible smooth presentation of workout.  The non fiction proven, magnetic brake system puts forward adequate scope for satisfying  the users belong to any level. The up to date design and keen craftsmanship sets elliptical trainer as the chief in its category.

The trainer with compact devise as well as sensible features of equipment look nice in every room. The stride length of the machine offers  a reflective movement of running  The elevated class of magnetic brake system with multiple levels of resistance with the system of the drive as well as  the twofold joints of ball bearing provides  a constant concentric run.  Adjustable foot plates, the rollers for transportation & a recovery feature for pulse have completed the range of  apparatus of this Elliptical Trainer.

The reasons that have made it popular with the users:

  • The machine has always intended important muscle groups.
  • It allows you to target individual body muscle.
  • You will feel various muscles engage and disengage, particularly the muscles of lower positions get activated.
  • It tracks your intended rate of heart.
  • The easy to use handgrip sensor allow you to track the heart rate while you are busy with the workout.  It keeps you always within your target zone of achieving fitness goal.
  • The adjustable arm positions offer you the options of total or lower body workout according to your choice.
  • Designed with your home in mind, the machine is planned to fit normally with your home environment and with your lifestyle.
  • Your options are customized to match with your workouts.
  • The elliptical trainer of this kind optimized bio-mechanics uniting smooth natural motion impact.
  • Finally, the QuickStart  button lets you start your workout instantly.


  • The sleek and attractive look of the machine will give you excellent support during of workout.
  • LCD data with striking  dot matrix exhibits RPM, speed, time, distance , rate of energy consumption, and heart speed rate.
  • The multiple resistance level regulated by variable motor controlled resistance system enhance the level confidence during workout.
  • It gives unlimited smooth operation for its flywheel.
  • The reliable performance gives challenging body exercise with an incredible upshot for overall freedom from unwellness.


  • Though the possibilities are next to nothing , occasional malfunctioning of Heart Rate Control Programming support may affect your workout regimen.
  • Pushing and pulling of the hand levers need proper attention in order to get maximum support.
  • The magnetic motor controlled system of resistance requires great care to get optimal support.
  • Before setting off workout with this trainer, it is important to read the instruction very carefully, lest something undesirable situation may arise.

Technical Specification

  • Informative LCD electronic computer with graphic dot matrix displays distance, time, speed, RPM, energy consumption and heart rate
  • 12 programs with adjustable intensity levels
  • Heart Rate Control Programming automatically adjusts resistance to maintain target rate
  • Motor-controlled variable magnetic resistance system with 16 resistance levels
  • Heavy 30 ½ pound Flywheel delivers smooth operation
Front drive Yes
Cushioned footpad No
Resistance type magnetic
Resistance levels 15
Adjustable pedals Yes
Upper body Yes
Handgrip Yes
Heart rate control Yes
Flywheel weight 44lbs
Incline type
Display large twin LCD display screens including a sporty speedometer feature. The display simultaneously provides performance data of speed, distance, time, pulse, RPM, heart rate and energy consumption. Data Feedback Includes: Time, Distance (miles or kilometers) , Speed ( MPH or KPH), Energy (Calories or kilo Joules), RPM, Pulse Rate, Resistance Brake setting
Programs 12 programs with adjustable intensity levels
Cooling fans No
Water bottle/accessory holders Yes
Capacity 330lbs
Weight 175lbs
Frame Lifetime
Parts and Electronics 3 years parts, 1 year labour
Shipping Information
Dimensions 64L x 23W x 62H
Weight 175lbs

Expert Score 8
Build Quality
Kettler Axos Cross P Programmable Elliptical Trainer
Kettler Axos Cross P Programmable Elliptical Trainer

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