Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer

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Schwinn 460 Variable is a highly dynamic workout machine which combines a wide variety of approaches to focus on different muscle groups while working out. You can try 16 different programs with this 221 pound machine to get the best outcome. All the statistical data is going to be displayed in its touch screen LCD display for your convenience. So you can easily monitor your progress and adjust approaches accordingly.
Build Qulity

At a Glance: Schwinn 460
Brand Schwinn
Capacity 300 lbs
Stride Variable –  2 to 26 inches
Price Range Under $1000
Resistance 16 level
Dimension 54″ x 34″ x 73″
Programs 16
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact and Wireless

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I can change the stride length within 2” to 26” with the V-Stride and no manual adjustment or machine modification is necessary to do so.

Bi-directional pedaling

The bi-directional pedaling helps with both forward and backward pedaling which helps you to work with different muscle groups. The independent footplates are quite effective in targeting the core muscles while focusing on the legs, shoulders and arms.

Dynamic approaches

I like the dynamic approach of the machine. For instance, you can work on your quads and calves by going for the “STEP”. “WALK” is good for glutes and thighs. And if you want to go all out targeting all your muscle groups then “RUN”. However, some users reported that the machine makes too much noise while running with it.


There is angle-adjustable fan that keeps me cool while working out. They also have this oversized water bottle holder to make sure that you can reach out for the water whenever necessary to remain hydrated (an important thing during training).

Build Quality

Despite being more popular as a bicycle manufacturer, Schwinn has also managed to make quite an impression in the trainer gears industry. The Schwinn 460 Variable is a great example of that. This trainer is made out of strong tubular steel to enhance stability as well as durability. As I mentioned before, the unit weights 221 pounds and it can accommodate up to 300 pounds of user weight which I think is quite decent. However, despite all the spicy things said about durability, some users did complain about malfunction after using the trainer for some time. So this can be a concern. There are transport handles and wheels included with this machine. So you can easily move it from one place to another.


Now this is a major bummer with this trainer. It is quite heavy so requires more people when it comes to assembling. The whole process is also quite hectic. So once you buy one of these trainers, be prepared to get stretched a lot before you finally get to start with the actual workout! Here is the User Manual.

Heart Rate Monitor

It has the usual heart rate grip on its static handlebars which shows my heart rate condition on the display while training. They also have the chest strap telemetric which can be another option for monitoring heart rate.


The LCD touch screen backlit display can show programming and data for up to two users which I found to be quite cool as you can compare your performance with another individual to assess your progress. I can see the duration of my training, interval time, pulse, calories burned, resistance level, distance covered during workout, RPM and course profile on the display.console-display-schwinn-460



There are 16 different workout programs included in the system. There are 11 workout profiles developed by Nautilus Institute®. With proper directions that helps me to understand the right approach to get the best outcome of exercising with this machine. You will also find one manual and two customizable programs in the machine to bring more variation.


This trainer comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame, 2-year warranty for parts and one year warranty for the electronics. In addition to that, they also offer a 90-day warranty for the wear parts. To me, the warranty for wear parts was an issue as I think 90 days is simply not good enough. It should have been at least 6 months or so.

Altogether, Schwinn 460 can be a great investment if you are looking for a trainer with a long list of programs to work with. It is a solid piece and has all the applications required to monitor your progress. Though there are some questions with its durability, still I found this a manageable tool that fits me nicely.

Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer
Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer

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