Smooth Fitness CE 5.5 Elliptical Trainer

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The Smooth Fitness CE 5.5 comes with many attractive features like Electronic Motorized Adjustable Stride, Tablets & iPods Compatible, 24 Intensity level.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Smooth Fitness CE 5.5
Brand Smooth Fitness
Capacity 300 lbs
Stride 18″ – 21″ adjustable stride
Price Range Under $1500
Resistance 24 level
Programs 26
HR Monitor Contact and Wireless

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This elliptical is very strong, compact and is perfectly suitable for home use. With the price less than 1500$, this machine offers durability and longevity with the above mentioned unique features. Also the company offers an attractive warranty package which proves that the company has faith in its product and thus we are assured that there will be lesser service issues. Though the company such good warranty, there are some negative reviews on the web about the after sales services.

Main Features

Adjustable stride length (18 to 21 inches)

This elliptical has a luxuriously 4 way adjustable stride length starting from 18 to 21 inches. This versatile stride can be operated by different users of diverse workout requirements. It’s very simple and is handy when we need to change the level.

Moving Handlebars

With moving handlebars, this elliptical offers a full body workout which makes it possible to get more of the exercise in shorter time span. Thus you can save time and at the same time maintain your body with less exertion.

 mySMOOTH – Virtual Fitness Trainer

This machine supports mySMOOTH technology. This technology is tablet based and allowed us to access interactive workout videos. We needed to buy a Bluetooth unit separately for this function. We can refer the virtual fitness trainer by using this technology and make our workouts more fruitful and also enjoy them.

An accessory Tray

This elliptical has a very useful accessory tray which holds a water bottle along with keys, wallet, cell phone etc.

Audio System

The machine comes with a Smooth Sound audio system which is compatible with MP3 player, iPod or a CD player. You can play your favorite music while we workout.

Build Quality

Though the footprint is just 60 by 27 inches, this elliptical trainer weighs 190 pounds. It has the user capacity of 325 pounds. It is made from solid commercial grade high gauge steel. The machine is very compact and can fit in the house easily.


It is a very simple task assembling this machine. It took less than two hours to assemble the whole machine and start it. The product manual is very easy to understand if you read it carefully. There is a step by step process given in the manual to make the assembly an easy task.

Heart Rate Monitor

This trainer comes with a built in wireless heart rate monitors. The use of pulse grips with the 4 heart rate programs, mechanically adjusts the intensity according to the preset heart rate at intervals.


This machine has a blue backlit display. With this display it’s easy to read the distance, resistance levels, speed in RPM, pulse, age and the course profiles.



This elliptical come equipped with 26 workout programs in the console. One of these is the fitness test which helps us to know our progress and 4 programs are heart rate controlled. The different programs are:

One Random program

Every time we choose a workout routine, the trainer chooses a random workout routine. This can be either low resistance or the higher one each day.

One manual program:

This manual program allows you to make or change workout programs manually according to our needs.

Four Custom Courses:

You can create your own tailored programs that suit our requirement and save them. You can also edit them as you gradually achieve the target.

Fifteen presets

This trainer comes with fifteen preset programs from which we could choose the one which perfectly matches our fitness requirements. These also can be modified according to the needs.

Four Heart Rate Control programs:

There are 4 heart rate control programs which mechanically alter the intensity to maintain a set target heart rate at every interval.

One Fitness Test: The Fitness Test helps you in monitoring your progress from time to time.


The Smooth CE 5.5 elliptical has a solid guarantee and warranty offered by the company. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and the Braking System, which is usually not offered by many other brands. The Parts and the Electronics have 5 years of warranty and 2 years for Labor.

The Smooth CE 5.5 is a good elliptical for home use which offers a comfortable price. Though it lacks in some features like, it does not have an incline ramp, it has fixed pedals and the display size is a little small, it is still a good choice. It is a compact model so it saves space. And one of its major plus point is the liberal warranty and 60 days money back guarantees which makes it a best buy amongst all the others.

Smooth Fitness CE 5.5 Elliptical Trainer
Smooth Fitness CE 5.5 Elliptical Trainer

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