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LifeCore CD550 Elliptical is the result of persistent engineering and superior materials. The trainer brings home club-quality fitness features of the product. It is great not only for serious workouts but also for casual exercises. The trainer guarantees each workout an exceptional experience for you and incites you to repeat the experience again and again.
Build Quality

At a Glance: LifeCore CD550
Brand LifeCore
Capacity 300 lb.
Price Range Under $2500
Resistance 1 – 20 Levels
Stride Lenght 17″ – 25″
Dimension 46 x 31 x 64  inches
Programs 12
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

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  • Adjustable Stride
  • High quality resistance
  • Very Sturdy
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • No Wireless HRM
  • No Incline

The moment you see this Elliptical trainer , you will feel this was designed for your body. The CD550 has all the bells and wistels that a good quality elliptical should have. You will find yourself in a biomechanically right position  that enhances your  workout performance. Your workout gets fine tuned with the changeable stride out feature of the trainer. With better stability, balance, and overall accomplishment in the workout you will enjoy the highest satisfaction. What’s more, the trainer’s adherence to the ergonomics has made the product distinguished from its contemporaries.

  • The highest setting of the stride of the machine is 25”.
  • The excellent original central drive system  makes your body in perfect position during the workout.
  • Narrower spacing of pedal offers you the better position.
  • Contoured and comfortable grip give you ergonomic touch.
  • The center drive technology  of the machine enhances the trainer to club quality and makes your exercises more successful.
  • A range of 17” to 25” of stride length offers you a great opportunity to select for your own

This elliptical is the result of persistent engineering and superior materials. The trainer brings home  club quality fitness feature of the product. It is great not only for the serious workouts but also for casual exercises. The trainer guarantees each workout an exceptional experience for you, and incites you to repeat the experience again and again too. Some of the exceptional features like trouble-free low down step-up, big LED, extended handlebars, the pre-set programs etc. all have made the trainer best model in its rank. The close spacing of pedal and square footprint ensure quality, smooth and durable workout. Well construction of the trainer  backed by dependable warranty program gives the users strong assurance to make this trainer as part of their workout program for many years. If you have never experienced any center drive elliptical trainers before, go to a gym nearby and try to use any center drive machines, see how much you like it; if you do not feel comfortable we would suggest you to look for a rear or front drive elliptical .

  • A new kind of elliptical trainer with variable stride adjuster.
  • The compact machine designed  in the most advanced workout format.
  • The machine is free from friction.
  • The  2” close spacing of pedal gives comfortable workout.
  • The step-up height of only 8” gives worry less clearance of low celing .
  • The built-in  reading rack is convenient for the users to keep the magazines etc.
  • Oversized cushion for foot pads gives non-slip resistance.
  • Front wheels are used for transportation.
  • The frame measured 42” is much compact.
  • The center clutch sensors for heart rate tracker prevents over workout.
  • The Scrolling Alpha Numeric message center provides perfect information.

Life Core Fitness  is situated in the North of San Diego, in California. It has been showing off its skill in the fitness industry for about 15 years.  The originator of the company set up a personal vending store for the fitness gadget. Till today the company continues their business in the same way as in the past. The customers are over satisfied with their flawless services and products for their body fitness. The management team of  LifeCore Fitness aims at establishing a good relationship with the clients by the way of offering flawless services to develop a congenial relation with the clients. The company  discerns the  needs of the people, their bodily state and health fitness targets. It also gives much importance to the  people’s choices about some  products to reach their targeted workout.  This deepest perceptive  gave them amazing success in  understanding  and knowledge about the fitness engineering, which they  are using  also today when making each of the LifeCore Fitness products.

The main issue with this elliptical is its price. Its around $2500. If center drive system is a must for you than this is the elliptical you have been looking for. But if you do not care about the drive system of your elliptical, we would suggest you research some more. With this high budget you have a lot of options.

LifeCore CD550 Elliptical, LifeCore Fitness

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