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Sole Fitness is a brand that has always been rated highly among fitness enthusiasts, with their products consistently providing high value for cost over the years. Their yearly improvements to their existing product line add further to their firm hold on the elliptical market. Even their cheapest products, starting at $899, offer all you need for a thorough home workout.

Their E series of elliptical trainers range from between $899 to $2499 (sale price in 2017) and can be considered to be top-of-line fitness equipment. Sole also produces the SC200 model, which functions as both an elliptical and a stepper machine.

Sole’s dedication over the years towards build quality and performance over “additional” features has kept them ahead of the pack in various aspects. Even then, they have recently dished out the new trainers with Bluetooth and mobile app connectivity for better engagement and experience from their customers.

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Product Highlights

The E Series of elliptical trainers give users the ability to control workout intensity for the lower body through highly customizable incline feature. All models have their flywheels in the front and use magnetic resistance to ensure silent operation. Also, their pedals are slightly sloped inwards to keep users from risking injury. Every model has moving handlebars that allow users to adjust their gripping action to exercise different areas of the upper body during a workout. Also, the weight of the flywheels increases as you move up to the higher models.

The SC200 on the other hand, being smaller in size, is ideal for a heavy workout at home as it helps to burn much more calories through intense cardio. For the sale price tag of $899, it can be the perfect addition to a home gym for those who are up for a real challenge.

The Good

  • Stride Length: The more expensive models have adjustable stride lengths, with the E95 being able to shift from 18” to 24”.
  • Screens: The higher end models have 9” to 10” LCD screens that can be substituted tablet connectivity.
  • Flywheel Weight: Ranging from 19 lbs (E25) to 34 lbs (E95)
  • Customized Workouts: Combinations of incline settings and handlebar grip variations allows users to focus on desired parts of the body.
  • Safety: A two-degree inward slope on the pedals facilitate long uninterrupted workouts without the risk of strains or injuries.
  • Connectivity: Supports Bluetooth connectivity with phones and tablets that can serve as fitness monitors, as well as speakers for MP3 players.
  • Warranty: Even the cheapest E series trainer comes with lifetime coverage for the frames and three-year coverage on parts.

The Bad

  • Quality Over Programmability: As mentioned earlier, Sole elliptical trainers have a lower number of built-in workouts than other machines.
  • Not Petite Friendly: Some models has fixed stride lengths, e.g. 20” on the E98, that do not take smaller body types into consideration.
  • Portability: Some models are not foldable or quite bulky.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Sole’s elliptical equipment are in a league of their own – they are comfortable making machines the way they have been over the past years. The high level of customizability allows users to fine-tune their workouts and get more from their time. With the added improvements of newer connectivity and entertainment features, the perfect blend of quality and technology makes these trainers perfect choices for home fitness.

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