Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer

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Last updated on April 16, 2024 3:23 pm
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You cannot go wrong with Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer. If you have $1500, this is the elliptical you should get. It has heavy fly wheel (27 pound), it’s very quiet yet sturdy. Foot Pedal is big enough for even the large footed user, and that’s also adjustable. The 7.5 inch display has all the feature that a good elliptical should have.
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At a Glance: Sole E55 Elliptical
Brand Sole
Capacity 375 lb.
Price Range Under $1500
Fly Wheel Weight 27 lbs
Stride length 20 Inch
Resistance 20
Dimension 66 x 33 x 23 inches
Programs 8
Incline Power Incline
HR Monitor Contact & Wireless

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Sole E55 is made by Sole Fitness and they are manufacturers of the finest fitness equipment you can ever find around. This is true as you would find most of their machines in the top rated hotels all around the world. One of the strategies of the company is to equip their products with perfect features coupled with quality components are affordable prices. This is what is incorporated into their elliptical trainers one of which is this E55. Let us take a closer look at this trainer in perspective.

One of the great features about this equipment is that it comes with a 20 inch stride. Indeed one of the problems associated with many elliptical trainers is that they have short strides because of the cheap components they are made with. A lot of them have 14 inch – 16 inches strides and for this reason the elliptical motions is somehow restricted. Instead of being elliptical they are rather more bouncy and circular. With this 20 inch stride, you would be feeling like walking or even running in the air. The stride is also very comfortable and for those who have height that is above height, you would fall in love with the longer length of stride this machine has.

Sole E55 has a flywheel that is 30 lb in weight. This therefore goes a long way to contribute to its quiet and smooth elliptical motion always. You would realize this as you start the workout or slow down during the process and it is here that the flywheel would gradually increase or decrease its speed. This kind of feature is normally found in most of the machines that are costly to purchase. Surely this elliptical trainer has a solid appearance and feel and it is very stable for a number of reasons. The first is that it comes with a hefty weight of about 198 lbs. There are some who may just complain about this because of the difficulty in moving it. However this is a real plus as even under the most intense of workouts the machine would still be rock solid. One other feature that helps in making it stable is the 4 rear wheels which normally ride on rails that are heavy duty. This then offers a more stable and smoother feel while at the same time reducing the wide-to-side foot pedal motion.

One feature that actually speaks volumes of the E55 is the warranty you get which is really extensive. You would get a 2-year labor and 5-year parts warranty. This is unrivaled in the industry as there is no company at all that sells an elliptical trainer that has a 2-year labor warranty for a price of $3,500 or less. This is a warranty that suggests that there are no kinds of service issues with this equipment. Upon using a lot of the elliptical trainers’ one can say that it is quite hard to notice a manufacturer that places the needs of the consumer highest like these folks. They very much stress on consistency of quality and engineering and this goes a long way to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Right from the moment you open up the package this is what you realize as you start to assemble it till you get fascinating workouts all the way.

The manual that comes with the machine is very much easy to use as it is simple to follow so that you assemble the machine logically. This can be done in some few hours and once it is set up you would get all the needed support from this equipment. One thing you would notice as you workout with this trainer is that it is manufactured to push you all the way as you strive to achieve your fitness goals as quickly as you can. The controls would let you plan your goals and then the machine would take over. It even works like an automatic personal trainer that challenges you to reach hose fitness foals no matter what it takes. What this means is that it is a home gym that is designed to make you sweat by raising the bar of achievement.

There is absolutely no reason why you should purchase a home elliptical trainer if you would not take a special workout. Sometimes this would mean it is a workout program that would make you sweat. Therefore with the good price of the trainer you are surely placed on your paces throughout. This is a machine that is capable of producing a workout that would make you achieve all your fitness aspirations easily no matter what.

  • Increased size and weight (from the E35) made the whole thing more durable and enhanced the elliptical experience.
  • Heavy, but quite
  • Rock Solid Stability
  • Good electro-magnetic braking system
  • 10 position for adjustable foot pedal
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Best warranty service in the industry
  • Good customer support by Sole


  • Sometime makes noise when flywheel heats up (on level 20, at about 1.6 to 1.7 m.p.h. anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes into a session) .
  • Cooling fan is not strong enough, and its noisy
  • Foot pedal are not  adjustable along the longitudinal axis
  • As it is a front drive elliptical, you need to push down” on the foot pedals, putting stress on the knees. But this is not a serious issue

Sole E55 Elliptical, Sole

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Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer
Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer
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