Body Champ BRM3681

7.6Expert Score
Body Champ BRM3681 is one of the best elliptical trainer under $300. Apart from its built quality the only problem is its short stride. But you will defiantly get the best value for your money!
Build Quality

At a Glance: Body Champ BRM3681
Brand Body Champ
Capacity 250 lb.
Price Range Under $500
Stride Lenght 13″
Dimension 39 x 23.5 x 13 inches
Programs 20
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact


  • 20 programs
  • Better resistance
  • Great Value for money


  • Short stride
  • Cheap Material
  • low Capacity

Body Champ BRM3681 is the updated version of the very popular BRM3671. this model is slightly better built, have more programs and better resistance levels. But the stride is shorter than previous model.

Build Quality:

We have used this trainer for some time, and there is very little difference between the Build Quality of this one and the BRM3671. After prolonged usage you will hear some noise. This noise becomes very annoying as we increase resistance level.


Assembling this unit is quite easy. it usually takes one hour to 2 and half hours to assable this unit. If you follow the instruction manual, its very straight forward. You can download the manual the the link in the top section of this review.  If you get into anytrouble with your Assembly, you can always let us know.


This trainer comes with deluxe programmable LCD console which is very straight forward. Display shows: RPM, time spent on elliptical, distance traveled, Watt, Pulse rate and current program. In the display console, you will get 6 buttons: Up-Down, Reset, recovery, Start-Stop and mode. There are 12 programs visible in that console, you can easily choose the one you like.



When we learn that Body champ is going to release a newer version of the famouse BRM3671, we thought its going to have better Build Quality, better programs, and heavier flywheel.

But we are some what dissappointed. Mostly becuase They have reduced the stride leanght to just 13″ from 14″. there is almost no change in the dimension of the trainer (.5″ change is very minor). But Now body champ is saying the user capacity for this trainer is just 250 lbs.

Why reduce the User Capacity?

First thing that came to our mind, why did they change the user capacity in this trainer? its almost same as the previous model (which had user capacity of 275 lbs). after digging deep, we found the reason. One of the top 5 customer complain to brm3671 was that elliptical makes nosie and it woobles. this is directly connected with the Build Quality and proper Assembly. If a heavy user gets on a trainer, and workout for 20 min; that trainer will get damaged.

We have always suggested our visitors not to buy a BRM3671 if you are over 250 lbs. Looks like Body champ is listening to us, and reduced the user capacity statement. as a result, heavy users are avoided from getting into this trainer. Lighter users will ensure longevity of the trainer.

Why reduce the Stride length?

This is the worst move by body champ! we think they have reduced the stride length to make the trainer sturdier , but it only makes the trainer less comfortable for taller users.


This trainer provides very good value for your money. If you are shorter than 5’6″ and weight less than 240 lbs, this is the perfect budget elliptical for you. But You must be open to hearing some annoying noises that this machine makes. But even today you can easily get older version of this model for $229. Which have fewer programs but 1″ more stride. Because of the price tag and slightly better Build Quality this trainer makes into out top 10 Budget elliptical. But we suggest you to look into some of the better onesin this list.

Photos: Body Champ BRM3681

Body Champ BRM3681
Body Champ BRM3681

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