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We would strongly suggest not to get this trainer. because: the manufacturer, Fitness Quest is out of business and there is no warranty. Please Take a look at our home elliptical section for better elliptical trainers
Build Quality

The motion created by this trainer allows you to exercise in a very comfortable way , and it is very smooth. The four-function workout helps you keep track of all the vital parameters like:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Amount of Calories burned

This trainer can be stored easily, and it is foldable too. It has pedals that won’t let you slip and let you exercise with ease. Its steel framework is very strong and durable so that the machine is able to withstand heavy weights. It has a special type of suspension that provides movement in every direction for increased flexibility, stability and comfort.

A focus group was conducted among people who exercise daily and were asked to give their review about this trainer. Most of them agreed that the machine was not as good as the most fundamental magnetic elliptical. They also said that it was effortless to operate. Aged men and women mentioned that it looked risky.

Along with the above features, Gazelle also allows a person to have a brisk walk or a full run. It does not make any noise and runs quietly. Once you get this trainer, it can be assembled in a very short span of time and most of the users who have used it are happy and satisfied with it. It belongs to one of those machines which are priced under $125. Gazelle exercise equipment is perfect for all those who want to start with a basic body trainer. It is for all age groups who want to have a healthy fitness routine and take care of their body.

The main reason why this glider was a success was not only the price, but also the fact that mothers who were busy in their daily routine could save some time for themselves at home and use it to stay fit. They need not hit the gym because Gazelle Edge could be easily used and placed at home itself, making it very useful and convenient for the housewives.

Apart from the usual muscle workouts, users have mentioned that using it can exercise their arms by bending forward and backward. They have also mentioned that the Gazelle Edge can stretch some muscles that the normal gym cannot.

It is a great machine for all users who want to have a basic work out and do not want to have a professional trainer. It serves all purposes that a common man needs during his basic workouts.

Though it may not be the ultimate training machine, it has been very popular among a wide range of users and is surely gaining market share and becoming a product to reckon with.

  • easy to assemble,
  • It can be stored easily anywhere and makes workout more convenient for you. It is not only lighter than most of the other models but is easy to fold as well. Once it has been folded then you can even place it under your bed or at any small space in your house. Moving it back to the exercising location is also relatively easier than most of the other exercisers.
  • It consists of non-skid foot holders that are extra wide and makes your exercising experience a lot easier.
  • Gazelle has foam handlebars that provide the customers added comfort.



  • Even if it provides you a good cardiovascular activity but it is unable to strengthen your arm and leg muscles.
  • It also does not have resistance as well which means you will be left with no other option but to go faster if you are willing to increase its intensity.
  • NO built-in training programs.
  • It might be difficult for you to get balance on the machine at first but practice makes it easier for you.
  • Its on-board display does not always prove to be too accurate.

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