ExpiredKettler Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

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Kettler Elyx 5 is the ideal choice for health buffs who are at the same time giving utmost importance on the issue of practicality. It does not only give real value for money but also comfort to its users- an important consideration that not all fitness equipment can promise.
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At a Glance: Kettler Elyx 5
Brand Kettler
Capacity 330 lb.
Price Range Under $2500
Flywheel 48.5 lbs
Resistance 20
Stride Lenght 20″
Dimension 54″ x 27″ x 73″
Programs 10
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact and Wireless

The Elyx 5 Elliptical trainer is specifically assembled to optimize cardiovascular routines and professionally devised to intensively focus on endurance disciplines. Though it is not really  for developing chunky muscles,  it tones them and increases ones enduring strength and energy in every use.

This advance trainer features a backlit LCD powered by the prestigious  SIEMENS electronics. It takes command and control of  the current induction system. You can be sure that all units made by Kettler in the market underwent a strict calibration process to ensure accuracy and suitability for use once brought out to the market. Its furthered heart-rate-controlled scheme is especially innovated to reflexively adapt and adjust to any resistance, so its users remain in  the ideal rate zone to maximize the effectiveness of the machine and get the full benefits of the program during workouts.

Here are the other features of  this elliptical Cross-Trainer that make it irresistible for any buyer:

  • It has a dynamometer induction brake component that guarantees the correct measurement of watt- power.
  • It has a flywheel of about  48.50 pounds
  • It has an  approximately  20 inch- long stride which ascertains  comfort while doing routines
  • Designed with a unique foldaway feature to save space in any room
  • Possesses a special dimension for an  uninterrupted display of all its  nine (9)  functions
  • Comes with a  USB port.
  • Its buttons are sweat-resistant.
  • Can carry up to 150 kilograms  in weight.
  • It has  a user-friendly and comprehensive digital  eight (8) pre-set programs which include heart-rate  and pulse-rate monitoring devices
  • State-of-the-art alarm system that alarms when the user’s heart rate has  exceeded the limit.
  • With an approximate dimension of  201cm  x 68cm  x 170cm on its normal setup
  • Available in light gray-and-dark gray  and black-and-silver palette combinations
  •  Germany-made
  • Comes with rack, rollers for mobility, extra straps, and bottle holder  for  bottled water
  • With 3-year warranty on parts and  labor warranty of 1 year

Aside from the special features mentioned above, it also showcases its anti-slip and rubber impregnated foot treadles and plates that assures ease during workouts. It also offers eight (8) training programs  for stamina building,  cardiovascular training, and other fitness routines which can either be monitored through heart rates or pulse rates.

Moreover, it has the a special component that enables to display the real- time duration of the users’ usage of  the unit, the distance, speed, watts, Revolution Per Minute (RPM), number of calories burnt, heart rate and pulse rate of the users.

In totality,Elyx 5 spells out value money- . From its sleek and intrinsic design, to its awesome practicality and usability, this German-made fitness chef-d’oeuvre is a total package. Not to mention, the track-record of its manufacturer, KETTLER German Engineering, in the industry of producing great fitness equipment, its LCD computer display powered by Siemens Electronics sets a big margin from the other brands. Its user-friendly and comprehensible digital pre-set programs which are heart-rate and pulse rate gauged is a big competitive advantage.

Actually, the list of cons about this equipment is quite short. Though it is beneficial in enhancing stamina, it does not increase muscle mass, like all elliptical machines- thus it is not for those who are aiming for bulky stats and sculpted physiques. There have also been reports pertaining to some problems with the manufacturer’s customer support. Others also cited that though expressed in a simple way, its manual, is written in very small fonts and can be hard for people suffering from eye-problems.
Kettler Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross-Trainer
Kettler Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

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