Kettler Satura P Elliptical Crosstrainer



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Kettler Satura P Elliptical Crosstrainer is designed to assist you maintaining highest level of motivation and helps you to go on with your workout without interruptions. The weight of the flywheel of the crosstrainer offers you exceedingly smooth sensation.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Kettler Satura P
Brand Kettler
Capacity 330 lb.
Price Range Under $1500
Fly Wheel 44-pound
Resistance 15
Display LCD
Dimension 64L x 23W x 62H Inch
Programs 8
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

The multiple pedal positions with twirl lock pin keeps your workout in a steady position. A number of incorporated programs following the science of ergonomics, gives you a wide variety of features. Heavy-duty, sophisticated and comfortable design of this trainer certainly makes an outstanding addition to your home gym.

  • Trainer keeps you in intended zone.
  • sleek design of the machine makes you proud.
  • exceptional features of the trainer keep you motivated.
  • large profile program facilitates keeping track of your workout progress.
  • automatic resistance adjuster keeps you free of anxiety.
  • hand pulse receiver is placed suitably to give you optimal comfort.
  • adjustable  console gives the users the opportunity for height modification.
  • trainer requires a minimum amount of space.

If you  aim  to train your entire body, Satura P is just right for you.  When you get yourself prepared to train your body, add this trainer to trim your body to shed extra fat and reduce the calorie level. This cross trainer is suitable for all. From novice to advanced learners feel at home with the machine. For quite sometime, this trainer has been a high quality cardiovascular apparatus. The product reflects the excellent expertises in the quality and design for use at home as well as the light customized equipments for fitness.

  • trainer is more suitable for the gym than home.
  • adjustment of pedal in different  positions  may lead the users to confusion about the right set up.
  • heart rate sensor, if shows sudden hidden disorder,  might bring forth  lots of problems for the users.
  • preset power voltage may lead disfunctioning of the machine in case of power supply fluctuations.
  • If not used in the approved manner, the users may fail to get the maximum result.

Combined with international engineering  and up to date styling the product brings in the touch of  brilliance to the world of workout machines for fitness. The machine chiefly focuses on superiority, excellence and durability in combined with artistic beauty. Making use of the available programs, the computer can perfunctorily take control of the magnetic mechanical brake  in the way of varying the level of resistance. The trainer offers a number of workout information with the help of its double LCD  screen display along with its excellent speedometer feature. The information on speed, time, distance, pulse, heart rate and rate of energy consumption all adequately display on the monitor. The display sensor can be adjusted according to the height of users.

The other excellent accessories of the Crosstrainer like holder for book, the robust transport castors. The more is that a set of bars at the front of the machine makes the movement of the rolling of machine with a wheeled support. It requires minimum space for its packed in footprint. The incline and intensity level of the trainer make the product suitable for the users belong to all ages. Additionally, the trainer will help you to calculate the intricacy of your workout according to your needs. While working out with the trainer, your feet fix on the right place throughout the exercise. It results in no pain impact on the users in the join areas of knee, hips and back.

Although different types of elliptical trainers give different results with their different features, taking in a collection of demanding programs,  this trainer offers some excellent features that take it to the next level by offering  excellent features of entire body workout.

Kettler Satura P Elliptical Crosstrainer
Kettler Satura P Elliptical Crosstrainer


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