Proform 590e Elliptical

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ProForm 590 E is an elliptical trainer designed for users who want to get fit in the quickest way possible. The 590 E is guaranteed to help users lose weight and get fit through its compatibility with the iFit Workout Card Technology, an electronic workout program designed by a certified trainer. The workout cards provide several workout options to maximize the potential of the device. It allows the user to control the workout program that one can be comfortable with.
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Through the iFit workout card, sold separately at trusted fitness shops, users can easily know that they are working out properly, with a walkthrough available in the form of the voice of a certified personal trainer. These cards come in circuit training, performance, weight loss, and wellness categories in order to achieve an interactive and result-oriented workout regime.

The Intensity Ramp allows for focus on various muscle groups for a targeted workout regime through adjusting the incline of strides. Thus, the isolation of the calves, glutes, or quads is possible during certain workout sessions.

The 590 E also has an iPod compatible music port, as well as a CoolAire workout fan to complement with its 6 weight-loss workouts and 14 performance workouts through its 18″ stride length.

This elliptical’s 14 performance workouts enable its users to improve their abilities running, jumping, as well as increasing their strength.

As well as providing for 14 performance workouts, the 590 E allows users to adjust workout intensities to meet their heart rates with a dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor. These sensors are located in the handlebars that ensure that the workout is achieved properly and safely.

It comes with soft grips allowing users to increase muscle tone and burn calories using the upper body. This allows for a whole-body workout, aside from the ones that are available for the lower body muscles.

Oversized pedals allow users to try out a number of foot positions for more stability and comfort.

What’s more, the machine’s Intermix Acoustix 2.0 provides for built-in rich balanced sounds with a wide range of frequencies perfect for those who work out with music in the background.

The 590’s ClearView backlit display makes monitoring user preferences and workout information easily accessible through a variable viewing angle for health buffs, no matter what the height. The display shows information such as calories burned, distance, pulse, resistance, and time.

The built-in CoolAire workout fan allows users to keep being comfortable, increasing the time spent working out by making the experience as comfortable as possible. The fan is easily adjustable through the console.

It  has 16 resistance levels, which allows users to easily modify the workout resistance and increase intensity and calorie burn.

Its 300-pound weigh limit allows fitness buffs and people who want to lose weight to enjoy the 590 E’s benefits. The device comes with a 62″ x 27″ x 65″ footprint.

Users are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty for the frame as well as one-year warranty on parts and labor.

You can get the 2013 model of this elliptical for just $599. While this could sound expensive for a workout machine, the features that combine upper- and lower-body workout make the device worth purchasing.

The ProForm elliptical allows for an intense workout even for those who find it difficult doing lower-body workout because of problems like knee injuries. This is because the machine makes it possible to make low-impact strides that are uniform, as the device makes users work out through an elliptical path.

However, the 590 E is a little heavy for one person to move from one spot of the house to another and takes a lot of space in floor area and height as it is wide, aside from elevating users during workouts.

With a combination of comfort, pleasure, as well as general and specific workouts, the 590 E is perfect for workout buffs of all fitness inclination

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Proform 590e Elliptical
Proform 590e Elliptical

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