Lifecore Fitness VSTV4

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If you are searching for a long lasting sturdy elliptical, the Lifecore Fitness VSTV4 is a better choice. But as compared in terms of price to the other brands available in the market, this is a highly priced machine with comparatively minimal features.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Lifecore Fitness VSTV4
Brand Lifecore
Capacity 325 lb.
Price Range Under $2000
Resistance 16 level
Stride Lenght 24″
Dimension 54″ (L) x 26″ (W) x 58″ (H)
Programs 12 Preset, 4 HR, 4 Users
Incline N/A
HR Monitor No Wireless HRM


  • Strong as a Tank
  • Comes with safety locking mechanism (great feature for household with kids)
  • Detail easy to use console


  • No incline
  • No Wireless HRM Strap with original elliptical. You need to buy Lifecore HRM Chest strap

As discussed earlier, to get an accurate reading we require a chest strap which is not included in the machine. Another major disadvantage is the manual incline function. Every time we needed to adjust the incline level, we had to get down and adjust it manually. Also there is no built in fan which is available in same kind of models of other brands. So overall we can get a better choice in the similar price range if we explore a little.

Lifecore Fitness VSTV4 is a completely new age trainer. It’s like having your own personal trainer beside you. With a 24 inches Variable Stride, this machine gives you the satisfaction of most comfortable workouts with high calorie burning. So you lose weight and shapeup yourself in less time and more comfortable manner. It has 16 levels of resistance. It also keeps a track record of your workouts and offers variety of customized programs. With the Safety Lock System, this is a good choice if there are children around. This safeguards the kids from tampering the machine.

Main Features

Compact type

If you are looking for a space saver and good sturdy machine, this is one of the models available in the market. This machine requires just 54 inches by 26 inches floor space. Though the company says 54 inches, but the actual space while in use is 65 inches.

Variable Stride

As the name suggests, VST-V4, VST means “variable stride”. We found 24 inches long stride which helps in burning more calories. Though this machine has a longer stride, it is best for the taller users only. The standard users may find this machine uncomfortable. There is one more disadvantage that we figured out; the stride is fixed and not adjustable.

Pedal Locking Feature

This elliptical has this unique feature that allows you to lock the machine when not in use. In this feature the pedals are disabled electronically. This ensures that the machine does not move accidentally. So it’s safe when we have children around.

Zero Maintenance

This is a great advantage. This elliptical practically has almost zero maintenance. The only care we need to take is- after the first 20 hours of workout we need to tighten some loose nuts and bolts. This will ensure that in due course the machine does not knock.


Build Quality

The Lifecore Fitness VSTV4 is manufactured using best materials. Its 54 inches solid frame is made from industrial grade steel. It weighs approximately 209 pounds.  This trainer measures 57 x 48 x 23 inches and is suited for a small area and can accommodate weight up to 325 pounds.


The trainer is not very easy to assemble as it took us about three hours to assemble the entire machine. Though the product manual has detail information and step by step guide, it was a very difficult task to understand and assemble the machine.

Heart Rate Monitor

This trainer comes with inbuilt Hand Grip Stainless Steel Pulse Monitoring. We need to hold the grip for a few seconds and the reading is displayed on the screen. Once you let of your hands from the grip, the reading is reset. The readings are not very accurate so as they are in the chest strap type ones. We had to buy the chest straps to get the Heart Rate Control programs as they are more accurate.

Display & Console

This machine has a good easy to read LCD display. There are 6 windows that will display current speed, revolutions per minute, time, distance, calories burnt and pulse.

There are 20 LCD columns displaying 20 segments of time and 16 rows which display 16 resistance levels. When we choose the program that suits us, the particular program will be highlighted. Though it may seem to be little complicated at first hand, it is very simple once you learn to operate.




This trainer offers 12 preloaded programs that were professionally designed. Other than these 12 preloaded programs, there are 5 categories: Manual, Program, User, H.R.C. and Watt. The program you select will be displayed on display screen on the dot matrix window.



The 4 heart rate control programs included are 55%, 75%, 90% and Target Heart Rate. We can select the option that best suits our workout requirements.



The Lifecore Fitness VSTV4 comes with

  • Life Time : Frame warranty
  • 5 years of parts warranty
  • 1 year labour warranty

As compared to the other similar machines, this warranty doesn’t impress us as you can get better deals for the same price from other machines. If you are looking for more information on warranty, please call lifecore support on : (888) 815-5559  (toll free)


Photos: Lifecore Fitness VSTV4

Lifecore Fitness VSTV4
Lifecore Fitness VSTV4

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