Proform 6.0 CE Elliptical

Proform 6.0 CE Elliptical

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The Proform 6.0 CE Elliptical is a simple but superior elliptical trainer. With its stride length of 18 inches, it boasts with salient magnetic resistance which allows us to choose between the 14 built in levels of workouts. It has an EKG pulse monitor, large size pedals, a cool air fan, iPod port and many other good features. With all these resourceful features, this elliptical let us adjust the settings according to our fitness requirements. One good thing about this elliptical is it is very compact so it fits in smaller rooms very easily and with the transportation wheels it is easy to carry.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Proform 6.0 CE
Brand Proform
Capacity 250 lb.
Price Range Under $500
Resistance 14
Stride Lenght 18″
Dimension 52 x 25.5 x 15 inch
Programs 14
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

Main Features

14 levels of digital resistance

With a silent magnetic resistance, this trainer reproduces natural movement of walking and jogging that helps reduce the impact on our knees. This system is included into this elliptical for smooth motion. This helps in better intensity of workout and burns some extra calories.

Easy Grip Arms

These arms not only help burning more calories and toning your muscles but also gives us cardio benefits. So in all they give us a total body workout.

The Stride Length

This machine has a stride length of 18 inches. This helps us to develop strong muscles. The trainer has a short stride length, which makes us feel bouncy. This length is suitable for people with average height and weight.

Oversized Pedals

The over sized pedals protects our feet from getting slipped. They are extra large and are suitable for different foot sizes. It allows our foot to position comfortably while we are exercising and gives stability.

CoolAire Fan

The Proform 6.0 CE Elliptical comes with an inbuilt CoolAire Fan to give us extra comfort all through the workout. While we exercise our body generates heat so to keep it cool the company has provided the fan which is installed in the console. We could easily adjust its settings. Though this fan is a very basic one.

Music Jack

This trainer has a music port which is compatible with the iPod. It has Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Audio System which allows us to listen to our favorite music track while exercising .

Build Quality

With a rear drive, this trainer is very compact with its size 56 X 33 inches and weighs 158 pounds. This machine can accommodate 250 pounds of weight which is quite reasonable for people with normal height and weight. The machine has an Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel for comfortable and smooth workouts. Though this trainer is light weight, it is sturdy. The transport wheels make it easy to carry.


Assembly of Proform machines is never so easy. So we recommend you to get it assembled by the experts to avoid breakdowns in the machine. A detailed manual is given with the machine which guides us through its assembly. The assembly of this machine takes approximately 1 and a half hour. After we use the machine for the first time, it is very important to check for loose nuts and bolts to avoid accidents in further use.

Heart Rate Monitor

This trainer comes with a dual grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor by which we could monitor the heart rate even when we are exercising. The sensors are built in the handle grip. When we pressed the grip and hold it for few seconds, the reading is displayed on the monitor.


The trainer has a big easy to read blue backlit display. This LCD display comes with workout matrix which gives a good graphical diagram of our workout programs. With this display it is easy to track our speed, distance, calories, pulse and time.


The trainer has 14 built in workout programs. Out of which seven are weight loss programs and seven are Cardio. All these programs are designed by professionals. The level of resistance is automatically adjusted on selecting a program which gives us quicker results. These programs are very easy to understand and we could quickly select them without spending much of our time. The built in programs help us to get rid of the extra calories in shorter time.


The company offers a five year warranty for the frame and 90 days for parts and Labor. This is quite fair as compared to other brands available in the market at this price range.

Overall it’s a sturdy handy and compact machine. With some special features like Easy Grip Arms, Oversized Pedals, CoolAire Fan, 14 in built programs, 18 inches stride, it also has some common but useful features like water bottle holder, a reading rack etc. There are some disadvantages like it does not have a power adapter a runs on 4 lithium D batteries. Also the stride is not adjustable. So if you are searching for an entry level machine this is a good choice.

Proform 6.0 CE Elliptical
Proform 6.0 CE Elliptical

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