ProForm Elliptical Trainers

proform-ellipticalOwned by Utah-based ICON Health and Fitness, who is the largest manufacturer, developer, and marketer of fitness equipment, the ProForm brand is no stranger to trainers and consumers alike. Founders Gary Stevenson and Scott Waterson began making their mark in the fitness equipment world in the 1980′, going under the name of Pro-Form Fitness Products, Inc. Over the last three decades, ProForm has proven itself to be an innovative leader in fitness and state of the art equipment. Their durable commercial gauge steel frame construction, SpaceSaver design, and Silent Magnetic Resistance technology are features that set them apart from their competitors, especially when you add in the company’s solid price points.

Hybrid Series:

Always a popular option amongst consumers and trainers alike, the hybrid series ellipticals are part bike and part elliptical. The ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer is impressive in its price point, as this 2 in 1 piece of equipment allows the user to work multiple muscle groups and go back and forth between endurance and performance training. Admittedly, many features, even basic ones, are lacking in this elliptical option. But, the price is hard to beat.

Rear Drive Series:

Along with the front drive series, ProForm offers a rear drive series of impressive ellipticals. These machines are built with their motors in the back, making use much more comfortable and easier for many users. SpaceSaver technology is found on every model in this series, and allows for easy and convenient storage. The models available in this series begin with the Smart Strider 535, which offers no advanced features or extras, the 735, and the 935. At the top of the line, the model features much more advanced and customizable features, such as a power adjustable stride and power adjustable ramp.

Front Drive Series

ProForm offers a line of elliptical trainers that are front drive designed with their motors in the front. Admittedly, these machines offer few customizable options than the more comfortable rear drive series. But their advanced consoles and technology, including iFit capability, is definitely still worth a look. The front drive models offered by ProForm are the Endurance 520 E, the 720 E, the 9.0 NE, the 12.0 NE, and the 16.0 NE, which is ProForm’s top of the line front drive elliptical trainer.

  • Commercial gauge steel frame construction on their ellipticals
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance technology on their machines allows for quiet operation
  • Most models are iPod compatible with an impressive speaker system
  • Many models also come iFit enabled
  • Customizable features such as adjustable foot pedals and incline ramp
  • Many of the trainers come with an impressive lifetime warranty on the frame

  • Front drive series may be uncomfortable for some users, and may offer a less “natural” feel
  • Even though many of their trainers are iFit enabled, a wireless module and the yearly subscription (even on the top of the line models) must be purchased seperately
  • In-handle controls have been reported to malfunction or work improperly at times
  • Warranties vary greatly, with some as low as 90 days for parts and labor