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Xterra FS 2.5 come with a heavy 22 lbs flywheel, 14 inch stride and 24 programs. Built quality of this trainer is great (compare to other on the same price range). We specially like the black compact look of this trainer. If you decide to spend $300 on an elliptical, this should be the one!
Build Quality

At a Glance: Xterra FS 2.5
Brand Xterra
Capacity 300 lb.
Price Range Under $400
Resistance 16 level
Stride Lenght 14″
Dimension 45.3 x 25.7 x 14.6
Programs 24
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

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  • Excellent customer support
  • Compact machine
  • Heavy flywheel
  • Sturdy (includes leveller)


  • Small Stride
  • Bad Customer Support


This trainer comes with a Large 5-Inch x 2.5-Inch LCD display. It shows, current program, current resistance levels, time worked out, speed, distance travelled, calorie burned, target heart rate and current heart rate. To tell the truth, this display shows more information than any other budget ellipticals. This display is backlit, dual color. You will have no problem working out in dark. We absolutely love this display!


Heart Rate Monitor

If you have read any of our previous reviews you may know; we simply hate touchpad for heart rate monitor. Because most of the time it shows wrong reading. When working out, user need to touch the stationary handle; which we don’t like to do.

We have found this heart rate monitor is sometimes 100% accurate, but something shows 10 point discrepancy with a Polar wireless heart rate monitor. If you want to do cardio with perfect HR Zone control; you will be disappointed.

Build Quality

The FS 2.5 is in our top 10 list because of its Build Quality. We have tested it for 2 weeks in various resistance and with various intensity. This trainer can take a beating! After 2 weeks of torture, it’s still working like new. Most of the budget elliptical starts to make crackling noise at this point. But we must say, you will hear some noise (which is very low compare to other budget trainers). All of the budget trainers are subject to some level of flaws; especially in this noise.

One of the best features of this trainer is the leveler in the bottom. This is the feature that should be universal to all ellipticals.

If your trainer starts making any noise, please call Xterra support, they are very good at taking care of complaints.


It put this trainer together you will need 2-3 hours. If you have ever assembled IKEA; you can assemble it too. To assemble this unit all you will need a box cutter; everything else will be included with the box, but the tools come with it are not very high quality (it’s a onetime tool for a budget machine). If you can arrange a 19mm end wrench or socket, 5mm Allen-wrench & a #2 Phillips screwdriver; your assembly will go very smoothly. The package itself is large (but not huge). You will not need to work on the main flywheel; you will only need to attach handles, footboards, and console.

Few notes for Assembly

  1. Use silicone spray for better lubrication (You can skip it if you want)
  2. Pay attention to “R” and “L”; as left and right parts look same
  3. Assemble the trainer where you will finally use it.

If you have any problem with the assembly, just pick up the phone and call Xterra support. They provide the best support for any budget elliptical.

Please Note:
In amazon, you can select flywheel weight for this elliptical. List price for 17.4 lbs unit is $349; and list price for the 22 lbs unit is $399. It might look that every thing is same of the trainer other than flywheel weight; but actually these are 2 diifferent models. One with 17.4 lbs flywheel is FS1.5 (click here for more detail) and the one with 22 lbs is FS 2.5. Though both machine looks same, FS 1.5 has gray (one color) LCD display; where FS 2.5 has dual color backlit LCD display. Resistance is also higher for FS 2.5 (24 compared to just 16 in FS1.5). If you can get the FS1.5 for under $250; we would say go for it! But Do not spend over $300 for the FS1.5; it is not worth it

XTERRA Fitness FS2.5 Elliptical Trainer Machine, XTERRA Fitness

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