Smooth Fitness CE-7.4 Elliptical Trainer

8.3Expert Score
Smooth Fitness CE-7.4 is a club quality exerciser in a very reasonable price. With 21” extra large stride length and 16 intensity levels, the machine takes the users the height fitness. Ergonomically designed 8 workout programs with pivoting foot pedals help to keep your lower body in ideal alignment.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Smooth Fitness CE-7.4
Brand Smooth Fitness
Capacity 350 lbs
Flywheel 30 lbs
Price Range Under $1000
Resistance 16 levels
Stride Lenght 21″
Dimension 83″ L x 27″ W x 67″ H
Programs 15
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact


  • Well built, will last a life time
  • Smooth and Quite
  • Easy to set up – though it takes some time


  • Bad response time from customer support. If only smooth could imporve its customer support, this would be the best trainer in its price range.

Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 is one of the sturdy and high end elliptical available in the market today. With a dual action handle bars; you can have a really exhaustive total body workout. With 16 forward and backward levels of resistance, extra-large foot pedals and a good stride of 21 inches, this elliptical can be used by anyone in the house. This machine also offers an inbuilt audio system with great high quality speakers and a Smooth Air fan which is most essential during the workout.


  • Ergonomically Designed Pivoting Foot Pedal:  This elliptical comes with extra large pivoted foot pedals which are ergonomically good to keep your body’s motion natural. This means that we are not stressing our knees, ankles and hip joints. The peddles are attached in a manner that they adjust the movements according to our foot and thus causes less force on the joints.
  • The 4 window Led Display helps the users to interpret RPM, speed, time, watts, distance, calories burnt, metabolic equivalents, heart rate, speed, watts, time, distance, pulse, resistance level, course profile metabolic equivalents and target heart rate.
  • iPod Docking Station with speaker lets you to attend to your preferred tune with  the inbuilt speakers that are not well-suited with iPhone.
  •  Heavy Duty Flywheel:  Equipped with a very heavy duty fly wheel which gives a smoother workout as compared to the other elliptical machines available in the market.
  • This trainer comes with an extensive 21” stride which is ideal for taller community. Due to its extensive stride, this machine can be practically used by anyone in the house.
  • Magnetic Braking System with super technology gives easy  changeovers throughout arduous exercises.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Control enables the users to set  targeted heart rate and resist level by adjusting automatically with the change of heart rate.
  •  Tilt and Go Wheels helps to take the machine easily to anywhere in the room for storage
  • Moving Handlebars gives support of an entire body workout with moving handlebars to include your shoulders, arms, core and  back  to facilitate to reach your goal of fitness.
  • Built-in Adjustable Fan keeps you calm and fresh and prevents you from overheating.
  •  13 Challenging Preset Exercise Programs : 3 goal program, a Met program, a strength program, an interval program, a target heart rate program  a fitness level program, and finally five custom programs.
  •  The Random Program permits you to select from a limitless number of profiles formed by computer. This feature attaches a range of excitement in the workout.
  • Maximum capacity to bear is  350 pounds,
  • Product weight is 210 pounds
  • Dimensions : Length 83, Width 27, Height, 67″

Build Quality

The Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 is made from solid materials for durability. It weighs 210 pound and can accommodate up to 350 pounds. Its frame is made from a commercial grade, heavy gauge steel, which is very sturdy. The length of this machine is 85 Inches and the width is 33.5 inches. So it can be easily used anywhere.


This machine is easy to assemble as it took us just two hours to assemble the entire machine. The product manual has detail information and step by step guide. Download the assembly manual from here: [wpdm_file id=30]

Heart Rate Monitor

This elliptical comes with a wireless heart rate system and has hand pulse sensors. This facilitates more accurate reading of the heart rate. By simply strapping your hands around the handle bars and pressing them a little, you can read the pulse rate. The wireless heart rate system is a very good feature in the machine. You just need to set an ideal heart rate that suits you and the monitor mechanically adjusts resistance.


This machine has a 4 window LED display screen with many features like the commercial grade gym equipments. This high end display will provide you the total information of your progress. Like most gym equipments the display of this machine is Dot matrix type which keeps record of speed, watts, time, distance, pulse, heart rate, total amount of calories burned, resistance level, metabolic equivalents, target heart rate.



This elliptical trainer has 15 programs. They are- Manual, Random, Automatic interval, Fat burning, metabolic equivalent program, Strength, Fitness level test, Target heart rate. All these standard programs are available in most high end elliptical machines. We can enjoy the advantage of the Fitness level test in this price rage as compared to the other elliptical machines which is nice. Also the strength program is very beneficial as it is very strenuous and we really burnt more calories.

Detail Description of Programs

Manual: Select your own settings to create a completely personalized workout.
3 Target : Time, Distance & Calories
The metabolic equivalents program allows you to select the workout load, from 1 MET to 16 METs, to simulate the cardiovascular effect of various light to strenuous activities.
Fat Burning:
Exercising for longer periods of time at a consistent level of intensity encourages your body to burn calories and fat faster.
Automatic Interval:
Increase heart rate and improve cardiovascular functions with higher intensity routines then cool down.; The nine intervals within this program offer great balance between cardio, fat burning and muscle toning. Each of the nine intervals can be adjusted at will.
Starting in warm-up mode, the endurance program gradually increases in intensity to burn fat and calories and build stamina. The program ends with a cooling down period.
Fitness Level Test: Determine your fitness level in order to create or customize workouts that help you reach your goals faster. Using the heart rate monitor, this test senses oxygen levels as you progress through the test. Information is then used to help optimize your fitness routines.
Target Heart Rate:
An excellent cardio workout. This program consists of a Warm-up, Main Program and Cool Down. The elliptical machine determines a preset maximum target heart rate or you can adjust it to whatever maximum target workout rate you want. (This should be subject to the user’s physical condition and determined after consulting with a physician.) Once you start, the program takes you through a mild warm-up routine, through a powerful workout and through a cool-down phase for a complete cardio program. All settings are customizable.
5 Custom Programs: Create your own work out whether is a walk in the park or a hike in the mountains you can record you favorite workout and repeat as many times as you like. As your tastes change or you fitness level increases you can modify these programs to meet your needs.


The company offers a lifetime warranty on Frame and breaks, 7 years on parts and electronics and 2 year on labor which is quite decent. But we came across some reviews that though the warranty is good enough, but some customers complained about poor responsiveness of the service department when it comes to dealing with the warranty related issues.

Overall, The Smooth Fitness CE 7.4 can be a good choice if you are searching for a sturdy long lasting machine. There are many good features in this machine which are offered at a comparatively low price. Though there some features like iPod dock and adjustable stride are missing, this elliptic is a good choice altogether.

Photos: Smooth Fitness CE-7.4 Elliptical Trainer

Expert Score 8.3
Build Quality
Smooth Fitness CE-7.4 Elliptical Trainer
Smooth Fitness CE-7.4 Elliptical Trainer

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