Gold’s Gym 410 Elliptical Trainer

7.8Expert Score
Core selling features of this machine are: long stride (it has the longest stride in any budget elliptical - 18”); heavy flywheel (though the Xterra FS 3 has the heaviest flywheel among budget elliptical); 3 position adjustable pedals and iFit weight loss card (by Jillian Micheal).
Build Quality

At a Glance: Gold’s Gym 410
Brand Gold’s Gym
Capacity 250 lb.
Price Range Under $500
Resistance 12 Levels
Stride Lenght 18″
Dimension 60.8″ x 23.9″ x 63.0″
Programs 12
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact


  • Long stride (18”)
  • 12 resistance
  • iFit workout card technology
  • 3 position adjustable pedals


  • Limited Capacity (Only support 250 lbs)
  • No wireless HRM

This is of-course one of the high end elliptical in budget elliptical line up. It is easy to operate, comes with a 8 week weight loss program. It look far better than any economy elliptical out there (except Xterra ones) and Build Quality is quite good.


This trainer has a large blue tinted LCD display. It shows 3 info at a time. Time worked on elliptical, current program/ resistance and distance traveled. Below the display there are easy to operate buttons to change workout and resistance. In the center it has a fan button. We didn’t find this fan any useful at all.




Putting together this unit is fairly easy. It can be assembled by a single person. All the parts, screws comes well organized and with a easy to follow manual (It even comes with a pack of gress). You just need to be extra careful when you attach the main shaft with the base. Most of the users says, putting together the last plastic parts are annoying. Please check out this assembly video for more info:

Build Quality

Build Quality of this machine is great; for a budget elliptical. It is smooth, as long as all the movable parts are properly gressed. Many customer reports that this trainer makes high pitch noise, and sometimes braking noise while working out. Most of the times it is caused due to the improper assembly in the main shaft and base unit. If you tighten them up, and lub all movable parts, you can reduce the noise. You can check out this video to get more idea about the noise level.


This trainer comes with 12 personal trainers. 6 of them are weight loss programs (see image below)


And 6 of them are performance programs.

We found all of the programs are interesting enough to keep you engaged in your workout. You can always workout manually by changing the resistance.


Heart Rate

Sadly, this trainer does not come with a wireless chest strip. Means, you will have to touch the grip situated in the stationary handle to index your heart rate. Most of the time when you workout in full intensity, your thumb will slip and this does not gives 100% accurate result. We always encourage buyers to get elliptical trainer with wireless chest strips, but none of the budget elliptical comes with this feature. Compared to other elliptical in this price range, we found this heart rate monitor quite accurate.

Jillian Michaels Weight-Loss Card

This trainer comes with free iFit Jillian Michaels Weight-Loss Card (usually it costs $24.95). This is an 8 week programs to loose weight with progressive workouts. By following this you will burn calories on the ACSM’s formula for caloric expenditure. (Jilian is one of the toughest and well know trainer for fat lose)

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Photos: Gold’s Gym 410 Elliptical Trainer

Gold’s Gym 410 Elliptical Trainer
Gold’s Gym 410 Elliptical Trainer

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