Stamina Magnetic 1773 Cross Trainer

Compare to other low-cost ellipticals, this trainer provides way better value for you money. Furthermore, with forward and reverse movement, it’s beyond multipurpose and handy than some other markdown cross trainers.

  • Noiseless and adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Multi-purpose handlebars and stable hand grips
  • Numerous variation display shows training time, pace, distance, well-done calories and heart rate
  • Stress-free to grab tension control knob
  • Hand pulse radar devices constructed into motionless hand grips
  • Foam embellished handlebars
  • Leveling preservative caps
  • Wheels for laidback transfer
    • 14-inch stride dimension
    • Eight intensity levels
    • Non-detachable pedals
What We like!

  • Double Movement Action: You can reposition the pedals forward and backward to emphasize and distinguish more different muscle groups. The forward motion, the quadriceps, buttocks, subordinate abdominal muscles, hips, and thighs are the ones specifically being tested. The opposite motion on the other hand, it trains and drills the hamstrings, lower buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves.
  • Magnetic Resistance: It is one of the innovative and new features compared to the former brand’s Air Resistance models, which are said to be earsplitting and does not have smooth shifting.
  • Higher Physique Workout: Supporting growth calorie disbursements are done with flexibility because of having a fine and stable handlebars.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring Screen: Backing up individuals’ physical training having their greatest heart rate conditions or varieties are made or seen through the hand pulse sensory radars.

What We hate!

    • Resistance Levels: This machine only consists of just 8 resistance levels. Most elliptical machineries deliver at least twice the levels of resistance.
    • Short Stride: The 14″ stride is excessively small to support a healthy fit pace for most grownups. Being associated to a stairway, this elliptical has the potential to generate knee uneasiness on subtle individuals.
    • This trainer is quite light weight. Its is both good and bad. Good because you can easily move it around your house. And makes the assembly very easy. But because of the light weight material, we are not sure how this trainer will take a heavy user for a prolonged time.


The 1773 works the upper and lower portions of the body. It is considered to develop the cardiovascular utilities of the body, and to eventually recover the operators’ overall health. This trainer is exclusively intended for home-based usage to deliver you alongside excellence workout proficiency inside the luxuries of your own home. It is intended with smooth and noiseless structures so as not to interrupt or distract you or others while listening to music or viewing your favorite television programs. You can select from 8 stages of training intensity to suit your workout necessities, which is completely modifiable with a tension knob while you are undertaking your training.

This kind of Stamina Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is technically made concept to suit undoubtedly even if your home deficits the needed area. Display of this elliptical is very basic, but it is better than cheaper alternatives. After testing we found this display shows quite accurate results.

This machine is right for you if you’re just looking for small size equipment that can fit easily to your home and just maintaining body workout. But if you’re looking for full body training, this might not be intended for you for it cannot be stable especially to those who’s bigger than this equipment.

Stamina Magnetic 1773 Cross Trainer
Stamina Magnetic 1773 Cross Trainer

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