Find the best elliptical trainer of 2019

We provide reviews and recommendations for elliptical machines (also knows as cross trainers) based on a number of different factors, including quality, features, noise, price, and value.


Why Elliptical Trainer?

Elliptical trainers are extremely popular pieces of equipment, providing a way to exercise without having to leave the comfort of your own home. These machines mimic the motion of running, but do not have the same impact on the body, making them ideal exercise tools for people with bad knees or feet as well as those recovering from lower body injuries. Elliptical trainers may be used for both a cardiovascular workout and a full-body workout, due to the adjustable resistance settings and moving hand grips. Spending thirty minutes on an elliptical can burn anywhere from 180 to 270 calories. On top of that, elliptical machines are incredibly easy to use and extremely safe.

Most Popular Elliptical Brands


Elliptical Alternatives



The most popular cardio equipment in the US. Mainly offer lower body exercise.
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Stationary Cycle

It’s also a low impact cardio exercise equipment that is quite popular in the US
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Rowing Machine

It offers intense calorie-burning exercises that are not suitable for beginners.
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Home Gym

Home Gyms are a highly versatile piece of equipment that offers (body) weight exercises.
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Exercise Ball

It can be used for weight training, physical therapy, and balancing.
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Everyone needs at least one pair of dumbbells in their home gym.
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Stretch Trainer

It can assist growth in muscle elasticity and offer aid for distress.
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Heart Rate Monitor

We believe a heart rate monitor is the corner-stone of every cardio exercise.
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Buyers Guide

Buying an elliptical trainer may seem very simple, but to really get the maximum out of your machine, you need to find the exact trainer that suites you. You need to consider your weight, height and budget and find an elliptical machine that matches with them. Please read our handy buyers guide to get an idea about how to select your trainer.


To help you further with your research, we have made comparison chart with specification and features of all the available trainers. All you need to do it, decide your budget, and chose the one best for you on that price range.



  • The product’s build quality. Is it sturdy? Is it made with high-quality materials? Is it built to last? These are the types of questions that we seek to answer; after all, no one wants to spend money on a machine that is of the same quality as a toy you would find in a cereal box.
  • Extra features. Are there any extra features? If so, what are they? Are they useful? Do they work as advertised? To whom would they be the most helpful? Are they worth any extra cost? Not all extra features are necessary, nor do they always work as intended. This is why we dedicate a section of our review to a discussion of those features whose inclusion in the product may cause the price to rise.
  • Noise. The amount of noise put out by an exercise machine is a common concern among buyers, especially those who may have sleeping children or spouses who would otherwise be disturbed by and loud noises coming from an elliptical. Since we use these machines ourselves, we will be able to tell you with certainty how loudly a particular machine runs.
  • Price and value. Is the product fairly priced for you receive in return? Is a higher price justifiable? Is it worth the extra money to buy a more expensive model over a cheaper one? All of those questions will be answered in our cost analyses section of our reviews.