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2020 was a devastating year for everyone. As of this writing, more than 1.7 million people have died in the Covid-19 pandemic. Among this, 17% of people are from the US alone. Countless jobs have been lost, and people are stuck in their home because of multiple lock downs.

Earlier this year, international trade patterns between the US and China changed. It was difficult for Elliptical Manufacturer to source parts/raw materials. Manufacturers had a hard time meeting the market demand. As a result, this year we saw the least amount of innovation in Elliptical machines. 

  • Popular Ellipticals were always out of stock
  • Price for elliptical increased
  • Knock off Chinese brands took the market like wildfire.
  • Least amount of innovation in the industry
  • Higher than average depend on budget elliptical, despite the low economic activities
  • Reduced in Gym membership
  • High interest in building home gyms

Highest Demand – Lowest Supply:

In our 11 years of running this site, we have never seen this much interest in elliptical trainers. Usually, the market becomes quite active from November to February. Mostly because of the Holiday season and new year’s resolution. The market remains slow between March to October.

But this year, as soon as we got a spike in Covid-19 in March, we also saw a spike in Elliptical Demands. Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers planned for this demand. Because of the uneven supply and demand, the price of elliptical machines sored. In Ellipticalhub.com, we warned our visitors from buying trainers at such an unjustified price.

In October, when the gyms were open, we saw the demand decrease. But the manufacturers had already started to produce for the Holiday seasons. 

Knock off Brands:

Popular brands could not meet the US elliptical demand since March. As a result, countless Chinese knockoff brands started to pop up everywhere. Here are some of those:

ATIVAFIT, pooboo, Bestlucky, ANCHEER, Fast88, SNODE, ncient, Leasbar, Aceshin, Afully, REEHUT, ORBITREK, charaHOME.

We strongly advise you to stay away from these Brands

Whats was New in 2020?

BrandNew Ellipticals in 2020
Schwinn FitnessNone
AFG FitnessNone, they got merged with Horizon Fitness
Horizon Fitness7.0 AE
NordictrackCommercial 9.9 and Commercial 14.9
Sole FitnessNone
Diamondback FitnessNone
ProformCarbon Series
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