9 Awesome Free apps for your Elliptical Trainer

Becoming fit is a natural thing to want to do, and once you see the benefits of using an elliptical machine, understandably, you will add one to your home. However, it can be a challenge to not only motivate yourself to keep going but to stay consistent, further making things complicated as you are never quite sure how hard you need to train. Usually, people turn to their smartphones for help.

9 apps in total will level up your Elliptical training, Elliptical Workout, Fitscope and FitOn can be used on any operating system, while iConsole, Start Elliptical, and SOLE Fitness App can only be used on Android systems. Apple iPhone systems enjoy having access to Elliptical Workouts, CardioCast, and Go, which are not available on other platforms.

There are advantages to each type of program, knowing how they interact with your phone and the software that it is running is important. Most people will go out of their way to choose a program that only works on their preferred operating system, this usually ensures that the support for the program is the best. Knowing the complete advantages of using a program that works on every OS can save you hours of work down the line.

What are the 3 best apps on the Android stores?

The sheer amount of choice that is available on Android devices usually overwhelms even the most tech-savvy of people. A common problem with Android applications is that many are fake applications or incomplete applications that do nothing other than asking for money. You can spot these usually by looking at the manufacturer, with more foreign names, or simply names that are spelled entirely wrong being clear signs of scams.

This creates the challenge that you need to sort through the applications that are only trying to take your money or even want to take over your private data. As amazing as the google play store can be, the more relaxed conditions to get listed on it have caused many headaches for people around the world. Usually starting when they install a program they hope can help, but usually ends up not helping at all.

  • iConsole+ Training: Focused on the complete package to train yourself with any of your chosen training techniques, the iConsole+ training app is a simple application that can be integrated with your elliptical machine. Most standard machines will be able to connect to it and will allow you to accurately train and count how many calories you are losing.

  • Start Elliptical – Workouts: One of the top-rated fitness programs for Elliptical machines o the play store, Start Elliptical is what we recommend you get if you’re always going to stay with Android. Easy to set up and connect to your machine it allows for super accurate measuring of your training sessions. This is a sleek app that can measure complex parts of your training routine.

  • FitOn: A significantly flashier and more active training app FitOn focuses on more than just elliptical training but can be used to link it into your routine. Offering personalized training plans using the tools you have access to this is best to use if you are starting in the world of fitness and need a bit more structure to your training programs.

What are the 3 best apps from the iStore?

Unlike the Google Play Store, the iStore is a lot more trustable, with most applications having to adhere to a lot more rules to be allowed to list. However, there is a high cost to being listed on this platform, and this drives many people to not always bother creating an app. This may be why your elliptical trainer that is a few years old no longer has any applications on the store to use.

While several applications are elliptical manufacturer-specific, the chances are that new updates or just a general lack of support can push the program out of the store. This is why general apps that may rely on payments or some advertising are much better when it comes to the iStore as these programs allow for more functionality and adaptability. With several offering personal trainer level of training once you become a premium member, as well as integrating several other tracking devices.

  • Elliptical Workouts: Built-in with a complete tracker and training programs this is the best way to ensure that your training stays on track and that you stay on the path to success. Highly rated on the store and popular for those who are looking for something simple that does exactly what the packaging says and not much more.
  • CardioCast: Audio Workout App: The go-to replacement for those who cannot take the time to go to spin class each day, the CardioCast is a much more involved app. Apart from tracking you can set the app to control your routine, with video or audio instructions throughout your workout routine.
  • Go – Audio Workouts & Fitness: For a more complete workout routine the Go application is a complete setup where you can comfortably enjoy going through each process of your training. Focused on more than just elliptical training it has been receiving positive reviews as a complete workout coach since day one.

What are the 3 best apps that are available everywhere?

Whether you are using an Android device now or planning to get an iPhone soon, you may want to have an application that you can easily transfer between devices. In the modern age people are prone to getting a new phone almost every year, and many times people can shift between the two main platforms. Having the ability to choose is one of the most important parts of living in the 21st century.

As the technology for one side develops, or you simply crave having a different phone operating system, you will need to have an application already running that can load everything over with your accounts. These apps are usually more trusted, even on Android as they are the programs that need to adhere to the rules set out by both Google and Apple.

  • Elliptical Workout: Highly rated on both platforms the Elliptical Workout app is the perfect application for connecting to your machine, and then doing exactly what you need from it. There are workout programs that you can start or stop as you please, but the app is rather quiet and allows you to complete the workout in an environment of your choosing.
  • Fitscope: Train at Home: Focused on bringing the spin class to you, wherever or on whatever you are, the Fitscope app is for those that want some extra motivation while they workout. A great application to allow you to comfortably exercise using pre-set workouts, including but not limited to the elliptical machine, it has been praised for its ease of use. However, it is still new to the market and has yet to be tested on the wider market.
  • BitGym – Cardio Adventures: This is the complete all in one package when it comes to training applications on your phone. Not only can this application connect to your machine to measure your training, but it can also simulate environments, create workout routines, and even track you while you’re running or hiking through the world. It has many positive reviews and has been tried and tested with time, available on all platforms it allows you to take your training history with you wherever you may go.


Choosing the best elliptical training app can be a challenge, and many people try to use a recommended application only to give up after one failure. However, it is important to note that not every application has the same perks, trying out several applications before choosing the one you think will work best is a good way to find the perfect match for you.

Whatever application you find works best for your needs, just be sure that you don’t mute it the first-time motivation is low, and it starts pinging you for the daily elliptical session!

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