Elliptical Core Workout

Today’s let’s talk about the core. By letting go of the handles, adjusting resistance levels and getting the incline just right, you can enjoy a workout that combines cardio and muscle building stability training. Letting go makes the body work considerably harder. As a result, the core along with the abdominals are put to work because they must stabilize the body.  The amount of resistance also plays a major role because resistance increases your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) which is a scale used to measure the intensity of exercise.

Check out the 35 minute workout below and enjoy all the good it will do for your midsection. Nothing beats a solid core and strong abdominals.

*Remember to keep your hands away from the handles throughout the entire workout. Use your core to maintain your balance. Make sure to move from one resistance level to the next without pause and maintain a medium pace.

  • Duration: 35 Minutes
  • Frequency: 3 times a week
  • Exercise Type: Cardio
  • Intensity: High
  • Repetitions: 1
  • Rest Period: 15 Minutes
  • Energy Expenditure: 500 calories
  • Incline Setting: 8 (if applicable)

Phase Resistance Speed Duration
Phase 1 Level: 2 Medium 5 minutes (Warm up)
Phase 2 Level: 8 Medium 5 minutes
Phase 3 Level: 6 Medium 5 minutes
Phase 4 Level: 9 Medium 5 minutes
Phase 5 Level: 5 Medium 5 minutes
Phase 6 Level: 10 Medium 5 minutes
Phase 7 Level: 2 Medium 5 minutes (Cool down)
Total 35 Minutes

This workout is amazing! Changing the amount of resistance used on that incline causes a lot of muscle confusion. A different rate of perceived exertion every five minutes is great because it surprises the body and causes it to move in a different way to increase muscle activation. Because of this increase in muscle activation the body has to adapt to these changes and that adaptation improves strength and also gives your metabolism a boost. It is quite similar to circuit training. This workout may present a challenge at first so do your best to push through. Once it is no longer difficult, increase your speed to keep building on your progress. Doing so is going to up the intensity even more and increase the amount of fat burned. With an elliptical core workout you get the best of both worlds. Nothing beats cardio and strength training in one workout.

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