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Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

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Looking for a decent, well-priced elliptical machine to get you into shape? Look no further than the Exerpeutic 1000XL elliptical. For under $200, it is one of the best-priced machines that will certainly do its job.

Build Quality

At a Glance: Exerpeutic 1000Xl
Brand Exerpeutic
Capacity 325 lb.
Stride length 13″
Fly Wheel Weight  Dual direction Economy Flywheel
Resistance  8 (magnetic tension resistance)
Programs N/A
Dimension 54L x 23W x 63H
Display LCD display
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

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The Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical is a solid alternative for treadmills, especially those who don’t want to break the bank. Priced very reasonably at $200, it is a compact machine that ensures a healthy body lengthening and toning cardio workout while still being able to take a beating. Its unique design is meant to go easy on the knees, hips, and joints.

  • One of the best budget ellipticals.
  • Supports up to 300 lbs of weight.
  • Low Impact on the lower body; ideal for people with joint pains or such issues.
  • Moving handlebars ensure upper body workout.
  • FExtremely compact and comes with wheels underneath for easy relocation.
  • Easy to read LCD.

  • Stride length is only 13″ which can be uncomfortable for taller users.
  • The heart rate monitor will falter occasionally and give inaccurate readings
  • The display will sometimes flicker out; if this occurs, change the batteries or reset the entire machine
  • It can take up to three hours to assemble because of all the individual parts and intricate instructions
  • Since the machine is $200, the quality of the parts is poor, which is expected, and the final product may show some wear and tear after a certain amount of time

Though priced a little higher than its cheaper alternatives, it is a force to be reckoned with. With many features, this elliptical stands out amongst other trainers and proves to be the fan favorite.


  • Dimensions- Height: 63″, Width: 23″, Length: 54″.
  • Pedals designed with ribbed texture.
  • Eight levels of tension providing workout customizability.
  • Maximum user capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Dual direction flywheel
  • Pulse pads to monitor heart rate.
  • Computer features- Distance, Time, Speed, Calories burned and Heart rate.
  • Three years limited warranty.


Concerning its usage, anyone comfortable with the short stride length can get a good and safe workout out of the Exerpeutic 1000Xl. The eight levels of magnetic resistance maintain a healthy amount of pressure on joints, and the unit itself is not too wobbly. It is an easy-to-use elliptical that comes with most features needed for a complete lower and upper body workout, and performance is satisfactory overall.

Build Quality:

The large pedals provided with ribbed texture is a great feature since it prevents slips or possible injuries. The designed pulse pads to monitor the heart rate is another neat addition, along with the backward/forward dual-direction flywheel, which performs pretty well. Its stability is also well acclaimed, and hence should serve as an excellent tool for cardio-toning exercises without any unwanted bounces or jerks.

It is worth mentioning that there are a small number of unfortunate buyers who experienced breakdowns pretty early in their usage (within six months). You might have to maintain the product on some regularity to keep it in a tip-top condition and avoid such misfortune.


The assembling aspect of it all is the part where most users have complained over. The instructions on the manual are difficult to understand, and takes a bit of time to get your head around it. The elliptical comes well-packaged, and even provides the tools needed. However, be prepared, as you may find yourself occupied for at least 3 hours to get this thing assembled.

Epic Elliptical Battles:

Exerpeutic 100XI vs Sunny Health Magnetic Elliptical

The Sunny Health SF-E905 is a competitor in a similar price range. It has just enough features to warrant a mention, and the company has a fantastic reputation. The downsides to this, when compared to the Exerpeutic 100XI are as follows:

  • Sunny Health Magnetic Elliptical has a lower weight capacity (280 lbs), which explains why it is a bit wobbly
  • poor build quality
  • uncomfortable workouts
  • the stride length is actually even shorter
  • NO warranty!

It is still very compact, and weighing just 68 pounds, still worth checking out.

Exerpeutic 100XI vs Body Champ BRM 3671

Another very good rival machine in the slightly higher price range is the Body Champ 2-in-1. The unit has a patented 2-in-1 Elliptical Motion Design Technology. This basically means that you can use it as both an elliptical machine or an exercise bike.

The pros are that it has a 14″ stride length, along with 12 programmed workouts that keeps your workouts interesting. In the cons section we have a 250 lbs maximum user weight support. At the end, it is a slightly better machine, but be prepared to spend an additional $50 more on this one.

Final thoughts:

The Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical is a great piece of equipment for the whole family. The downside is that the stride length is a bit on the short end, and makes it a bad choice for anyone over 6 feet. It does not boast the most ergonomic design, neither does not have the best components, and yet what you get for $200 is pretty impressive.

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Natural Elliptical motion eliminates any bouncy movement that other competitive elliptical experience.
  • TENSION RESISTANCE: 8 Level magnetic tension resistance adjustments can provide the user with a more challenging workout
  • COMPUTER: An easy to read large window LCD display that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and target zone heart rate monitoring.
  • TARGET ZONE MONITOR: Pulse pads on the additional stationary handle bars provide heart rate monitoring
  • QUIETNESS: The precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation. It will not interfere with watching TV or listening to music.
Stride length 13″
Front drive Yes
Cushioned footpad No
Resistance type magnetic tension resistance
Resistance levels 8
Adjustable pedals No
Upper body Yes
Handgrip Yes
Heart rate control Yes, Pulse pads on the additional stationary handle bars provide heart rate monitoring
Flywheel weight Dual direction
Incline type
Display An easy to read large window LCD display that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and target zone heart rate monitoring.
programs NA
Cooling fans NA
Water bottle/accessory holders No
Capacity 325 lbs
Weight 81 lbs
Shipping Information
Dimensions 54L x 23W x 63H
Weight 82 lbs


Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical with Pulse, Exerpeutic

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