Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST Elliptical Trainer

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Last updated on July 12, 2024 10:11 pm
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Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST is a great elliptical trainer for beginners who expect to have a full body everyday workout at home. It offers portable gym-like experience at a very affordable cost. It has useful features to monitor the progress of your body and challenge yourself every day to become fit and healthy.
Build Quality

At a Glance: Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST
Brand Exerpeutic
Capacity 275 lb.
Fly Wheel Weight  Dual direction Economy Flywheel
Resistance  16 (magnetic tension resistance)
Programs 21
Dimension 53L x 25W x 63H
Display LCD display
Incline N/A
HR Monitor Contact

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Want to workout at home, lose a few pounds and stay in shape? Interested in buying a low cost and high-quality elliptical trainer? Exerpeutic Gold 2000XLST might interest you. It is an elliptical trainer built for heavy-duty usage and low impact workouts. It comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth and fitness tracking app. The high-grade steel build-up of Gold 2000XLST can handle users of weight up to 275lbs and height of 5 foot 1 inches to 6 foot 4 inches. It is suitable for small apartments and homes as it takes only 53 x 25 inches of floor space and weighs 81.6 lbs. It features 16 magnetic tension levels and has a bright LCD backlit that displays distance, speed, calories, time and other workout data.


  • Low cost
  • Supports broad range of users with different weights and heights
  • Stress-free and comfortable workout without impact on hips, joints, knees, and ankles
  • Heavy flywheel provides natural and smooth pedaling
  • Works smooth and quietly
  • Large pedals provide good area of rest for legs and avoid slipping during workouts
  • Customizable with 2 user profiles
  • Stays grounded during workout


  • The plastic coverings on the exercise handles make squeaky sounds during workout
  • Pedal bolts are big



  • Larger and heavier exposed flywheel
  • 3 Goal settings and 21 workout programs
  • Weight capacity of 275lbs
  • Height capacity of 5’1’’ to 6’4’’
  • Bluetooth Smart Technology
  • Larger Pedals
  • 3 piece crank system
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty and 5 years Extended warranty
  • LCD displays speed, time, distance, Pulse, calories burnt, rpm, odometer, and watt
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 3 computer workout goal settings
  • Free MyFitQuest4 App
  • Bottle holder


Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST is constructed with a strong commercial grade steel. Although the 1000XL, Excerpeutic’s lowest priced elliptical trainer is one of the most liked exercise equipment, it is criticized for it’s cheap built quality. Exerpeutic as an upgrade of 1000XL launched the 2000XLS. One can notice the improvements in the body frame, flywheel, pedal, and overall robustness.

Excerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST comes with a rear-mounted flywheel that is 2 times larger and heavier in comparison to 1000XL‘s flywheel. This combined with V belt drive offers more smooth and easy stride for users. The pedals are wider and follow a ribbed design for more leg grip during workouts. This, of course, helps people wearing shoes while working out, but one who prefers wearing socks or wants to pedal bare feet will find uncomfortable. The elliptical trainer might appear bulky in its action but it has wheels for its easy transport.

Safety wise, this elliptical trainer passes most of the safety checkpoints. It has an enclosure on the rear flywheel, which protects users and also family members especially if you have children at home. The overall build of Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST is quite impressive considering it is priced just above 230 dollars.

A bulky elliptical trainer can be the biggest disappointment in a tiny apartment. In fact, elliptical trainers cannot be too lightweight since they have to be grounded firmly and non-shaky during workouts. So it needs to have some bulk to be robust and this adds to the weight and size. Exerpeutic has managed to balance this to a certain degree. The GOLD 2000XLST comes with a leg stabilizer to avoid tipping or any other movement of the elliptical during workouts. With folding, the elliptical becomes more compact and the wheels help it to push and store it somewhere in a corner of your home. If you can afford a peaceful spot in your home, maybe in a corner of your bedroom, basement or any other place where you have access to an electrical socket, Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST can be your good fitness companion. Overall, the 2000XLST elliptical trainer is exactly 53 inches in length, 25 inches in breadth and 63 inches in height. It weighs 81.6 pounds which are lesser than many other heavy duty ellipticals.


It is very comfortable to work out on this machine. You need not slouch or bend to use the handles. The exercise and stationery handles are well positioned to give users a natural alignment of their body. Any adult with height over 5 feet and less than 6 foot 5 inches can comfortably stand and workout for a long time on this trainer without complaints. One of the claims that Exerpeutic makes about this product is it offers zero impact workouts. Well, this seems to be overhyped. But to be fair, training on this elliptical is quite stressed free and easy. Rarely anybody would complain about having a joint, hip or muscle pain after working out.

Elliptical Resistance:

Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST has 16 magnetic resistance levels as opposed to 8 included in the 1000XL model. With the push of a button, you can move from one resistance level to another. Often people tend to quickly get bored of elliptical trainers with lower resistance levels as they leave no scope for growth after reaching a certain level. The gap between lowest and highest resistance settings in 2000XLST is quite high and well separated. The resistance levels gradually increase and challenge the user and are helpful on a long run. Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST would be a great trainer for you if you are planning on working out on an elliptical trainer for months and years to come. Moreover, the adjustable incline feature in this elliptical is quite interesting. It puts your legs in different motion patterns.

Cool Features:

Bluetooth capability added in Exerpeutic 2000XLST is obviously a high tech or cool feature but is becoming very common in all ellipticals. It allows you to connect your iPod, phone, or tablet and listen to your favorite music. There is also 21 preprogrammed workout presets to cheer about. But in the first few days, you might find it difficult and frustrating to find the right preset for your everyday workout. The hand pulse pads located on the stationary bar take the heart rate readings. You can check the LCD monitor for speed, time, distance, heart rate, calories burned, RPM, odometer, and power used in watts. On the frame, it has a water bottle holder.


Exerpeutic 2000XLST is backed by a 1-year warranty on its parts. But the manufacturer offers 5 years extended the warranty on additional cost. Since this elliptical trainer is a low-cost machine, getting an extended warranty is worthy.

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Specification: Exerpeutic GOLD 2000XLST Elliptical Trainer

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