Finding the Stride Length that Works For You

When working out on an elliptical trainer, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the stride length. Many people don’t take the stride length into consideration when purchasing or using an elliptical trainer, which is a huge mistake to make. Stride length is incredibly important when working out because it can determine how well your workout goes, how comfortable you will be, and what kind of results you will get in the end.

The stride of you elliptical should be determined by how tall you are. Most people make the mistake of just using the stride length that is already fitted on the machine, but this can cause discomfort and can lead to a poor workout. When setting your stride, you need to make sure that it corresponds properly with your height and feels comfortable when you use it.

How to Choose the Best Stride Length for You

Usually, shorter people need a shorter stride length because it feels more comfortable for them. Respectively, taller people need a longer stride length because it feels more comfortable for them. If you are 5’3″ or shorter, you should aim for a stride length of 15″ to 17″. If you are taller, pick a stride anywhere between 19″ and 22″, as this will feel better.

Shorter people who try to use a longer stride will find that they get tired quicker and they feel like they are stretching themselves out. On the other hand, taller people using shorter strides will feel like they are running in choppy movements, not fluid movements. Be sure that your stride length correctly fits your height to ensure a comfortable workout.

If you attend a gym with communal machines, feel free to change the stride length of the machine. But just know that since the machines have to fit the needs of people of many different heights, the machine may be limited to what the stride length can be. Most machines can go anywhere from 18″ to 21″ in stride length to be accommodating.

How to Get the Best Workout

Ellipticals are designed to help you get the best possible workout. They are low impact machines, which means that they don’t stress so much on your joints. A lot of people specifically look for machines like this because they have bad joints or don’t want to put so much pressure on their joints.

Additionally, ellipticals are built to help you achieve a great workout. Most are equipped with handlebars that let you workout your upper body as well as your lower body. You can strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, and chest using the handlebars, which is an added bonus.

While the handlebars are there, you don’t always have to use them. Without using the handlebars, you can strengthen your core and perfect your posture. Posture is important when it comes to working out because it can help your workout be more enjoyable. Standing with a straight, relaxed back will prevent any back pains that you would get from hunching over. Without gripping the handlebars, you can also work on your sense of balance.

The pedals on ellipticals are designed to fit your feel and aim to fight sleepy foot syndrome, which is the tingling feeling you get in your feet after a period of inactivity. The pedals are angled in a certain way to fight the numbness and the tingling sensation. Aside from that, you can get into the habit of moving your feet occasionally to prevent it.

Elliptical machines don’t come with consoles for nothing. These consoles are equipped with all the tools you need to have a successful workout. There are pre-set workouts that can help you change up your routine once in a while, and each console is programmed with different tools to track your progress. You can track your heart rate, how long you have run, and how many calories you have burned. Using these tools will help you understand your body more and assist you in burning fat.

Everyone is different, but anyone can find the perfect settings for their elliptical. Once you find the right stride length for your height, your workouts will flow smoothly and you will get a lot more out of your machine. Additionally, you can take advantage of the different features your machine includes, like the tools in the console.

But in the end, the stride length is what makes or breaks a workout. When purchasing an elliptical for your home, be sure that you take stride length into consideration before anything else.

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